Friday, 28 February 2014

Hello Hello HELLLLOOOOO!!!

Hello there!!

Oh I've missed  everyone and my blog!!

The move went well and we are all settled in, just having a little trouble getting the internet installed :(
We are having a new phone line installed and then with luck all should work at home!!  I hope so, if not I know know I can pop to the library and here I am ....  Brilliant!

So here I am at the Library since members can now connect their own Laptops/phones etc to their WiFi :)

I have done a little bit of stitching but not an awful lot as I keep thinking of ways to have the house and places to move things around too lol The only problem with that is I cant remember where I put things hahahaha :)

Laura is getting very plump and round with only 16 weeks until baby is due .... she has been told the baby is a girl but I just keep saying Grandbaby and not Granddaughter just in case!!!  I cannot wait and we already have a stock of baby things!!  Baby's daddy is helping with the stock pile so at least I cant get too told off for buying too much stuff .... he is as bad as me lol

All is well and I am still here!!  I must go and look at what mischief you have all been up to!!  hahahehe

Hope everyone is well .... I've missed everyone

Love me