Saturday, 31 May 2014

Really need to learn to keep my mouth shut!!!

Hello Everybody :)

How are you all? I hope everyone is well!!

Well this week has been another busy week for Laura and I but we have achieved lots and lots and have stockpiled on shopping and general household stuff so the pressure is off for quite a few weeks for shopping and things!  We just seemed to have been in the right place at the right time the past few days and got bargains and good deals!!  Super great!!

I was chatting to Laura about how little time my children have actually been off school sick because they seemed to have been in over weekends or holidays and I commented on how mark has 100% school attendance as he never caught what illnesses the others got .... WELL me and my big mouth .... Poor Mark was flat out in his bed at 6pm this evening with a very temperature and not feeling well!!!  :(  Poor Mark plus only 4 weeks left in school before the 9 weeks holidays too!!  Fingers crossed that he recovers for Monday :)

The kittens have grown and grown and grown the past few weeks!!  Why can't children grow that fast? lol  I will post a photo of them

This last week I have still been working on Round Robins and Exchanges so I cannot show you anything yet!!

Cara is now Mermaid crazy and has asked for me to stitch her a Mermaid!!  She was kind enough to suggest that we swap and I stitch her a mermaid and I can keep the Summer fairy when it is finished!!  For a nearly 4 year old child she sure is quick at the thinking BUT I bet you a Cross Stitch kit that she ends up with both hahaha!!

Well it is super late so I am off to bed before I fall asleep on my keyboard!!

Bye for now, take care and happy stitching/crafting
Love and hugs

Monday, 26 May 2014

Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy ....


I've missed you lot!!  What mischief have you been getting up to?

Well I have been working away on my last essay for my Uni Course and I can very gladly say that I sent it last night :) :) :)  So that's another course done and 'under my belt' :)  All I want to do now is 


I have quite a few RR's and exchanges to either start and finish then post!! As tomorrow is a Bank Holiday I have declared it a Stitch Holiday for me!  After all my hard work I deserve a little fun time I think!

I will get cracking on finishing a RR from Butterfly Wings blog as I really wish to post it very soon then carry on with the Gorguss exchange that I joined on Mii stitch's blog... 

Then I need to carry on with the exchange from my blog!  Hope you ladies in my exchange are busy working away on your little gift to post!  (Hint hint please don't forget your commitment!!)

I feel like I have not blogged or stitched for centuries lol 

Happy crafting to you all 

Bye for now

Love me

Monday, 12 May 2014

At Last, plus secrets and also a wow weeeeee

Hello to you all!

Well I am delighted to say that at last I have ....  Finished my Grandbaby's Birth Sampler!!

Now all we need is the birth haha, roll on June!!  

The lovely little sampler is all ready for name, weight, date etc to go on then a quick wash, dry and iron before a dash to the framers ... huff puff huff puff I'm tired just thinking about it lol!!

All ready for Grandbaby :)

I have been stitching but because what I am stitching is for exchanges, surprises and Round Robins I cannot show you anything because ... its a secret!!  So, I am afraid you will have to wait for a while!!  

Maybe I should do something nice and special so I have something to post on my blog lol  Otherwise you will have to look at a blank screen until I can post more pictures :P

Now the big wow weeeeee is for Cara because she got 'Star of the week' at Nursery :)

Well Done my little cutie pie :)
Cara is totally delighted with herself and so she should be!!  I cannot believe that she will be 4 years old in a few weeks time!! The years have gone by in the blink of an eye!  We must be having too much fun to notice the time pass lol  

At the moment James is doing his last ever school exams and I am still stunned that in 2 weeks he will be walking out of the school gates for the last ever time!!  I feel old that's for sure!

Well fellow bloggers I will catch up with you asap!!  

Have a wonderful stitching/crafting time and keep safe.

Lots of love and stitching kisses


Tuesday, 6 May 2014

What a weekend of ...


Hello All!!

Well I am delighted that I have got the main stitching for the baby Sampler finished and all that remains is the backstitch ...

Baby Sampler for my Grandbaby-to-be
I cannot wait to get this finished because then it means the baby will be here very soon!!  Excited is an understatement lol

I saw and bought this lovely little kit and I have offered to stitch it for the school ....

Sunshine Numbers and Letters kit
I haven't really done much this weekend, just lazed about and relaxed!! 

Well, I am going to get the Pasta Salad for tea finished off then get to the backstitch before it is time to collect the children :)

Have a great evening all!!

Love and stitches

Friday, 2 May 2014

Stashing the stash :)

Hello, Hello and Hello again!!
How are you all today?  I hope everyone is ready for the Bank Holiday weekend!! Haha more relaxation time I hope for everyone ... Or if you have tons of energy then please come to my house so I can find you lots of jobs to keep you busy 

Over the last few days I have treated myself to a few goodies .... well I have 'worked' hard lol  So I bought myself 

Grab bags from Polstitches

All together!!

3 pieces I won from eBay for £2 each!!!
I couldn't believe my luck!!!

Once I have my last part of the Open University course I am doing finished off I am going to spend my time finishing off Summer Fairy and maybe, just maybe get started on my Christmas Chart that Santa brought to me, Little Stitching fairy by Joan Elliott.  I have bought the threads needed and the package looks lovely and inviting!!

Threads and beads

Back of the packet ...
Just look at all them wonderful colours!!

The threads are for this chart
I cant wait to get started!!

The children are away this weekend so I AM and I WILL get my Grandchilds Baby Sampler finished!  I have 3/4 of it completed already, including the backstitch, so there really isn't much left at all!!  .... I just need a good kick up the backside to get this one finished!!  I've got between 6 to 8 weeks max before baby will be here but I would like the sampler ready to put the childs name etc on as soon as I know she has been born .... So, my stitching buddies ... please give me a kick up the backside lol

Well, I had better get myself ready to do school runs!  I'll post a photo of my progress on Baby Sampler tomorrow :)

Bye for now

Love me