Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Happy New Year to you all xxxxx

I wish you all a safe and Happy trip into 2015 and a very Happy and healthy 2015 xxxxxx

See you all on 'the other side' lol :)

Thank you for all your support, fun and laughs throughout 2014 xxxxx

With lots of love and stitching/crafting hugs

Heather, Laura, James, Ryan, Conor, Mark, Katie, Cara and Abby

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Best Day E V E R :)

Merry Christmas to you all!!  I hope you had a fab day :)  

We had the most brilliant day :D

Abby had a brilliant 1st Christmas :)

Everyone is very happy and content :)  Other than Christmas Dinner I planned nothing and we just 'went with the flow' of the moment.   I think the highlight of the day was Katie opening her present off James!!  The squeals of delight at her Frozen songs CD and the tears of joy completely took everyone by surprise lol  She was just so happy and could not contain herself at all .... bless her ;) She was so happy and quik to run off to her CD player that I never even got chance to take a photo haha!!

Christmas Eve
Cara and Katie



Erm .... the mess ... with Ryan and headless Mark lol

My 'Under the tree present' from James ...
Such a sweetly written gift tag :)

last but not least ...
Baby Abby :)
Hope you all had a great day too xxxx

Take care and 'see you soon'

Christmas wishes and love

Saturday, 20 December 2014

All went pear shaped :(

Hello fellow bloggers :)

Well the last few weeks has seen us all drop like flies ... germs germs and more germs :(  Cara ended up with conjunctivitis as well so lots of TLC given and my reward ... I got every single germ the kids had all rolled into one, including the conjunctivitis!!  I must say I have been in a bad way for about 10 days now :(   I am starting to hate winter time!!

Today was marks 9th birthday and I was in no shape to put on the birthday show like I normally do so we are going to have the birthday celebrations in full form after Christmas!!  We had cake, jelly, presents etc today but I normally do a birthday tea but with being so ill I thought better off it in case I passed germs back around!!  I am all congested and I can hardly hear so all I can say is i will never take my hearing or eye sight for granted because the last week or so I have had little use of both and it is not very pleasant at all :( 

Stitching has been so little other than finishing off two little ornaments for Cara's teachers.  I was meant to be doing 10 of them for all the teachers and helpers but not being able to see and trying to stitch was a little impossible lol  

With luck I will be near or at full health for Christmas!!  Plus back to blogging on a very regular basis next year...  I have planned what i am doing next year though so I have still thought about my stitching :)

See here for what my plans are! 

On a great note Katie made the school choir and they did a show with our local high school and I must say WOW  They were all fantastic and yes a shed many a tear as I saw her on the stage at the High school :)  It was just so amazing!!  

Ready for Choir Concert

The last week we got snowed in and the kids had a great day outside lol  Great day had by all

Conor in the snow as it started to fall!

Tyre tracks after I tried 3 times to get up the
driveway!!  See them slide marks eeek
Pure ice under that snow
Abby enjoying snowballs thrown at her lol
Mr Snowman :)
Well If I cant get on my blog before Christmas, I hope you all have a safe and happy Christmas

Love and hugs

Monday, 8 December 2014

Hello, Hello and hello (tons of family photos!!)

Hello all!

Oh my oh my oh my has it really been over a month since I have been on my blog?  WOW!  My feet haven't  touched the floor for weeks!!  

I have done stitching for exchanges and Round Robins, one of which I am super late with but I have finished and will send out asap ... I will check that people have received then I can show off my stitching :)

Life has been busy with Open University courses, Dr appointments, dentist Appointments and I am now the newly appointed PR for the Parents Council at school :)  So personal life has been quite crazy of late!!  

Plus I had one great big clean up and clear out ready for Christmas and that took about a week!!!  Hey but I can see the floor in the boys bedroom lol :)

Lots done over the last few weeks ... working backwards from present day to weeks ago ...

Our Christmas tree went up yesterday so of course the kiddies and the kittens are totally delighted lol  We have not put too many decorations on the tree just in case Ben and Lily like to play in the tree too much haha!!

Our Christmas tree

I would say Charlie the kitten too but she had a 'bit of an accident' last week.  She managed to sneak out of the front door one evening and never came back for days, which is totally unlike Charlie.  Well, without going into too much detail (cos it is not pretty!!) she came home quite badly injured.  So I spent an awful lot of time at the vets last week (and an awful lot of money!!).  Charlie seems to be recovering slowly.  She has spent quite a lot of time snuggled into me, so much so I really do feel like a cat basket now lol!!  

Last Friday James came home from Liverpool after spending time with his dad.  Conor came with me to the airport ...  I'm surprised the airport didn't send out animal control to capture him lol 

Yes he went to the Airport in
his tiger onesie!!  

Cara is a Reindeer in her school play next week and with a lot of time spent looking for a reindeer costume for her, I eventually found a reindeer onesie and asked her to try it on .... well I could not get it off her again for hours lol

There is a Cara in there
Somewhere lol

Cara also got her first lot of homework from school so she is totally delighted ... I wonder how long that will last lol

Homework Time!!

Mark had homework the other week and he had to make an Egyptian thingy lol  This is the finished result!!  


So of course this then turned into a super mad art class in our kitchen lol ... 

It really does not seem much but it feels like i have not stopped for years and years!!  I am all caught up with Uni courses now until January so I plan to chill and stitch!!  Most of the Christmas shopping is done.  Kiddies go to their fathers for a few days from Boxing Day so I'm not going nuts with food shopping because Laura will be out so it will just be James and I!!!  So long as there is chocolate both of us will be happy haha

On a final note ... it is snowing here!!!  I wonder if I can get the car up the drive way and down the country roads to get the kids to school in the morning!!!  Time will tell ...

Until next time, Stay safe

love and stitching hugs