Saturday, 28 February 2015

Just a quickie!!

Hello all!!

I have been super busy the last week as both Katie and Cara have got/had tonsillitis!!  Cara still seems to be worn out and quite warm but Katie seems to have recovered :)

Cara has twisted my arm to carry on with her mermaid stitching so in between medicine and juice giving I have stitched as much as I can!

I cannot find the photo on the laptop lol!!  Oh dear I seem to have lost my mojo haha!!

I am in the middle of a Uni Course on The Autism Spectrum and I am delighted and totally overwhelmed that I got 100% on my last assignment :)  Oh I need to treat myself to some stitching stash to celebrate :) So pleased with myself  to say the least :D

I hope everyone is OK and keeping out of mischief lol

Have fun and I will get a photo of Cara's mermaid asap!!

Bye for now
Love to you all


Sunday, 22 February 2015

Long time since I last posted ...

Hello to you all!

It has been a super long time since I was here!  I have had a ton of Uni stuff to do and since I am now the PR (Public Relations) person for the Parent Council at my kiddie's school I decided to do a PR online course :) So there is no excuse for me not to know what I am doing in the world of PR now lol

Once again Katie and Cara are not well ... Looks like tomorrow is another day off school for both of them!  They haven't been in for a few days!

Not much stitching done for me as I have been filling my brain with educational stuff instead of the glorious stitching stuff!!  My poor head lol

I have managed to catch up with a Joan Elliott SAL I am in.  I will put the beads and metallic thread on at the end!  My phone camera has not taken a very good photo!!

Just 2 more squares to go :)

I have also started a mermaid for Cara!!

This is a mermaid ... honest!!

I have also been letter writing and Postcrossing!  I've been busy doing lots but not getting much done lol!!  I just do not know where the days are going too at all!!  

I have finally caught up with my organising my Birthday thread group ... Lucky really as the first birthday in the group isn't until April!!  I am just so slow and behind with things ... fingers crossed I have caught up and will stay that way!!  I am normally a very organised person :)

Until next time ... happy crafting and blogging!!

Love and hugs