Monday, 30 March 2015

Another one bites the dust ....


Final assessment sent for one of my Uni courses ... therefore another one complete for ME!!!

So watch this space .... stitch stitch stitch for me all over Easter before my last part of my last course for a while :)  The light is at the end of the tunnel lol

So, first of all I AM GOING to complete Summer Fairy by Joan Elliott :) lol

Happy crafting all!!

Love and hugs

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Family fun and Joan Elliott stitching :D

Hello there!

Once again the kiddies have been down with illness but they seem to have recovered from that thank goodness so we have had quite a bit of relaxation and fun for a change!  Well deserved I would say!! 

I have started stitching on Summer Fairy again and I am hoping to get this finished over the Easter Holidays :)  I do hope so!!  Most of my study is nearly finishes for a few months so its back to stitching :)  I need to catch up with Sal's and get teacher stitching done for June!!  

Summer Fairy as at 18th march
Over the last few weeks I have caught up with my studies and I am nearly completed one course in Autism :)  I also did a free on line course in PR so I can keep myself on the straight and narrow with my PR roll in the schools parents council!  I passed that course with flying colours :D Busy busy busy!!  

On the fun part .... Here are just a few photos :D

Mothers Day gifts for me

Abby trying to escape with my chocolates lol 

Ben in a Bow Tie!!
(Ask James ... lol)

Cara and her bread!!

Cara on a bouncy castle at a friends birthday party

Abby and Katie in a home-made ball pool :)
So as you can see we have just been relaxing and having some fun :)

Spring is here and the weather is so much better than the horrible snow and cold lol  There will be soon lots to do on our house on the hill :)

Have fun and keep safe everyone ... I'll be back soon :)

Love and hugs

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Much done but unfortunately ....

it wasnt stitching :( lol

Hello All!!

How are you all doing?  I hope everyone is fit and healthy and full of fun!!

I am glad to report (touch wood she says slapping her head!!) that everyone here is fit and healthy and full of fun :D  YAY!!!  Katie and Cara are all better now after their tonsillitis!  What a few months we have had here but with luck and sheer determination we will all bounce into Spring with no germs!!

My lovely friend from Stephie's Stitching sent my kiddies a lovely surprise in the post

Chocolate :)
Thank you Stephie :) 

The last week I have been busy with school activities:-

Monday was Parents Council Quiz Night and I must say I had a ball!!  Such a brilliant night out!

Tuesday was Parents Council meeting and lots discussed and much to organise.

Wednesday Katie was singing in the Junior Choir at the High School.

Thursday and Friday I plotted and planned the things that needed doing plus various other activities ... I feel like I just have not stopped!!  But its the weekend now so it is chill out time :)

Katie In Choir Uniform

Friday was Integration Day at the Kiddies school so they wore colours of different countries flags!  It turned out all but Mark had something red on lol!!  Red must be a great colour since many countries have it in the flag!!

Flag Day
Katie just loves this yellow skirt! 

Today Katie Came home with a sticker from the Headmaster :D

A very happy Katie

I seem to be having a Katie day today lol  The others will just not stand still for long enough for a photo lol  

The other day I took Mark for his new glasses and whilst we were waiting (which was a long time) I dared Conor to try on some glasses and let me take a photo to put on Facebook ... He did too lol so I owe him £2 haha ... Now its on my blog I probably owe him another £2 hehehe :P

All a good bit of fun!!

Well here is a photo of me showing off my nice new T-Shirt lol

The caption is right most of the time ...
 but not this week lol
Back to the stitching at the
weekend I think!!

Many of you know I am waiting on an assessment for Ryan for Asperger Syndrome.  The National Autistic Society (NAS) are have National Autism Awareness week 27 March - 2 April.  On 1st April it is Onesie Wednesday ... oh yes I an wearing a onesie to help raise awareness of Autism plus its the day the kiddies finish school half day for Easter half term so I will have to collect them from school wearing a onesie lol lol lol My poor kiddies will want to run and hide haha!!!  Lets hope I raise some good sponsors and raise lots of money for NAS!  I will keep you posted on what I choose to wear 

Well not much else has gone on to report about lol 

Have a great weekend and I will hopefully have had 5 minutes or so to sit and stitch by the end of the weekend lol

Take care
Love me