Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Pen-pals for Kiddies

Hi there,

My two youngest Katie (nearly 8 years old) and Cara (5) would each love some pen-pals!!

Any of my regular readers have children/grandchildren or know of children that would love to correspond with either or both of the girls via snail mail post?

I don't mind posting outside of the UK  :)

If so please either leave a comment with e-mail address for me to contact you or drop me a line


Love me

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Totally delighted!! #projectoftheweek

Hello All,

Yesterday my Summer fairy was voted project of the week by the World of Cross Stitching magazine :)

I cannot believe how many lovely comments I got and also all the 'likes'  Totally over the moon!!

I can imagine that you are all getting a bit fed up of looking at the lovely lady lol  

I aim to have her finished asap!!  I am just waiting on more metallic thread to arrive so I can finish her dress off and get more beads on!!

This nomination was a lovely surprise and a nice birthday gift to me lol  Its my 44th Birthday today!!

Wow I am getting old haha

The British Heart Foundation and @YorkshireMOS are doing a giant Heart of Steel and by making a small contribution people can have names engraved on this giant Heat of Steal ... needless to say I am having, with Katie's full agreement, her name engraved on the heart :)  As many of you know she was born with 2 holes in her heart.  One has closed and in August she is due a scan again to check on her progress ... fingers crossed .... anyway click on the link and have a look at this magnificent project being organised by lots of companies!!  Its amazing!!

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Heart of Steel

Bye for now
Love me

Monday, 6 July 2015

We Have ...

B E A D S!!!  (At long last hahaha)  Ok just a few but hey its getting there!!

Summer Fairy as at 05 July 2015
Hi there everyone!

Well as you can see I am on the final run of Joan Elliott's Summer Fairy!!  Phew its been a long time coming!!

I've hunted out a few photos from the last few week ... hope you enjoy them :D

Ryan's very last day and moments of Primary
School. Photo taken just as he was about to
walk through the school gates for the
very last time!
Mark won the Award for
Manners and Conduct
for his year :)  Excellent!
Well done Mark xxx
Mark - Sports day
               Katie Sports Day

Laura and Abby Sports Day!!
Cara Sports day- racing with her shadow lol!!
Walking to school bus stop

My Fav photo :)  My one and only photograph with all
5 kiddies all warning the same green jumpers!!
This was the one and only chance I had as
Ryan in big school next year and last year
Cara was in red Nursery jumper!!

Me after showing off my sticker from the
Headmaster after I 'worked' hard with
the Parents Council at school one Sunday!!
Conor on the plane off to visit
my parents with James!!  

I hope you enjoyed this little snippet into the events of the past few weeks :)

Now time to do some Pen-Pal letters :D  I love snail mail!!  Anyone else enjoy the good old fashion letter through the letter box?  There is nothing like it at all!!

Pen-Pals anyone? lol :D

Bye for now

Love me

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Wow No posts in June!! .... SO BUSY and then a Challenge!!

Well Hello there Strangers!!

Wow I cannot believe I have not posted in a whole month! Well there has been so much going on its unbelievable!

well I shall try and do things in order ...

First of all I passed Uni my course on Understanding the Autism Spectrum :)  I am totally delighted with myself!!

Next, I have been very busy with school stuffs and Parents Council ... Then it was Cara's 5th Birthday :D  A great afternoon once she was home from school :)

We have had sports days and End of Primary school play for Ryan as he will be off to big school in September.  Then End of year leavers night for Ryan's year too ... The list just goes on and on!!  June certainly was a busy month all round!

The children finished school on Tuesday afternoon for the summer holidays.  They have all of July and August off school so I plan on getting a great deal of stitching done in between days out and fun times :)

I did a little stitching for the teachers to go with their end of year presents

Before being stitched into
hanging ornaments

After wards ...
I'd already given 2 of the teachers theirs
as one was leaving and Conor was going away with James

Yesterday we went into the Library and signed up for the Record Breakers Reading Challenge.  I am sure we will have fun taking part!!

At the Library

All signed up for the reading challenge ...
we are wearing yellow wrist bands :)
(I love Katie's face lol)

The rest of the day I picked up my Summer Fairy again .... I am determined to get this piece finished!!  Just metallic thread and beads to go :)

The story so far

You can just see the metallic thread at the top of her wing

That's all for now!!  I will be back very very soon!!
Keep safe and well
Love me