Monday, 31 August 2015

I made ...

B A G S!!

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all well and had a great weekend :)  We have had a lovely weekend, well a lovely few months off the 'norm' of routine ... but I do love routine!  

This is what I made at my beginners sewing machine class!! 

A Lavender Bag

A bag for my Cross Stitch stash

Katie Modelling My Bags

I must say I totally enjoyed my day learning to use a sewing machine :)  I am now saving up for a machine of my own!!  Cara has already started a 'wish list' of goodies she wants made haha!!  She has a lot of trust and faith in my abilities haha!!  

Joan Elliott Stitch A Long with my
Sewing Machine Jar

The last few days have been busy sorting things out for school as the kiddies go back tomorrow :) Ryan  also starts big school tomorrow!!

Uniforms/PE kit/Coats all ready for
There is and will be lots of change going on in this house as James has his date now for Uni, and he moves into his residence on 19th September!!  Life seems to be flying by at the moment!!  

I will post some photos of Ryan in his big school uniform :)... I just hope its not too much of a struggle to get up super earlier tomorrow lol

Have a great week all!

Love me

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

From ....

THIS ...

TO ...

I am totally made up :)  It was more hard work trying to get a photo of her framed than it was stitching her lol The light kept reflecting off the glass!!

Sewing machine course tomorrow .. I cant wait!!  I will let you know how it goes and I just hope I don't come home with the machine sewn to my jeans lol

Love me

Monday, 17 August 2015

Great news and a Mermaid for Cara

Hello there!!

After a busy couple of weeks (as usual lol) and a heart echo scan for Katie I can say that Katie's hole in the heart has nearly closed :)  For all you people familiar with a pin pick ... well that just how big the hole is now :D  Totally delighted!!

A child born with 2 holes in her heart now only has one teeny weeny little hole that should close on its own in the next year or so!!  We have to go back in 2 years for another echo scan and with luck the hole shall have vanished!!  She is not on any medication and has never needed an op!! Absolutely amazing!!  

Katie (with tongue out) Cara and me!!
Love my hair band lol 

Finally I have started stitching something other than my Summer fairy lol  She is at the framers still waiting to be framed :)

This week I have stitched some on stitches onto a piece of fabric and 'Dah dah' ... a mermaid started to appear haha!!  

This is another of Joan Elliott's fab designs :)  I bought 'A year of magical Stitching' chart pack and the mermaid I am stitching is from July

Mermaid for Cara

We have had 'fun' this week as one of our cats, Charlie, went missing and after a big Facebook plea and numerous hours and hours of searching around the streets, two people spotted her in our local area!  They kept her amused, after phoning the vets, and once her microchip was scanned to confirm she was our Charlie we were reunited with her :) Fantastic!!

Never underestimate the power of social media and the generosity of good people!!  


Next week I am off to a one day beginners sewing machine course :)  I cannot wait to learn how to use a sewing machine!! I am really looking forward too this :D

James, my 19 year old, is in charge of the kiddies ... but I suspect that it may well be Cara who is in charge haha!!  Poor James will be hen-pecked all day lol I will let you all know how I get on with the sewing machine and how James survived the 'monsters' lol lol :D

Have fun and keep safe everyone

Love Heather

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

She's Finished!!!

Hello to you all!

The summer Holidays are going swimmingly ... literally lol The rain has not stopped at all for weeks!!  I think we need an arc building haha

Laura and Abby moved out a few weeks ago and its very strange I must say!!  James is off to Uni in 4 or 5 weeks time ... the family is shrinking!!  No doubt James will be home every few weeks with a bag of washing and to raid the fridge haha!!

With the weather so bad I ended up booking Mark, Katie and Cara into the local summer scheme for a few hours a day just so they had something to do!  Where has the sunshine gone?

The kiddies are at their fathers this week so I sat down and finished my Summer Fairy :D Delighted!!

Summer Fairy Finished
04 August 2015

Summer fairy
Of course the children have a list of stuff ready for me to start now lol There's no rest for the wicked lol

I already 'had' to stop my Fairy stitching the other week to stitch a doggie for Cara!!  Oh the chore of such a task lol

Cara's Doggie
I have also stitched and posted my exchange for the Margaret Sherry blog exchange but I cant show photos just yet :) I think the next task will be Cara's mermaid and then Ryan's dragon!  Both designs by Joan Elliott ... I think they are as hooked on her designs as I am :D

Well, I must sort out Cara's mermaid stuff and get cracking lol
Happy stitching and crafting everyone :)

Love and hugs