Monday, 14 September 2015

Great kiddies ....


I just had to show you this ...

I was clearing kitchen up last night before bed (I love getting up to a clean and tidy kitchen lol) and spotted this egg that Ryan had left on top of the egg carton haha!!  A great sense of humour he has!

Egg face!!

Says ... 'Ryan was here'
What a boy!! 

Last week at school Katie was awarded Star of the week ... 

My Shinning Star

Jo has pointed out that my Blogoversary isn't yet as the counter is broken!!  I must admit I looked at it the other week and it said 45 days then suddenly it was 15 days!  I did wonder where my weeks had gone but thought nothing of it!!

Well no news ... no luck on a house yet either :(  Can't believe this is happening to us again!!  I just hope we are sorted by Christmas!!

Bye for now
Love me xxxxx

Sunday, 13 September 2015

OOOOO Just realised ....

That it will be my Blogoversary in 15 days time!!!  
OOOOO I think I will organise a give-away :)

Ryan is getting on really well at 'big school' and on Friday he even got the school bus to the main bus depot :)  Great stuff!!  

One more week before James is off to Uni!  I will sure miss that boy!  

There is lots going on here and very little stitching :(  The house we moved into a few months ago has been sold!!!  So here we are again ... house-hunting ... 

Lets hope we are successful in finding a house very soon!!  We feel like a bunch of gypsy's as we have done nothing but move about for the past 2 years!  I'm fed up having to get new address labels printed up lol!!  At least this time it shall be easy moving because when we moved last time I bought a whole load of plastic boxes that fitted under the beds ... All the toys etc are still in the boxes as they make great toy boxes or magazine boxes ... so we are basically packed up and ready to go!!  I love accidental organisation haha!!  

But this week I am going to concentrate on getting James off to Uni before he changes his mind as he doesn't want to leave me with the prospect of moving house on my own but I'm a big girl with loads of lovely friends who will help me :)  

I will keep you posted ... and watch out for my give-away :D

Bye for now
Love me

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

And they're off ...


Hello everyone!

Well, back to school for the kiddies, back to routine and homework !!!  

Ryan started High School yesterday and he was a bag of nerves going in but he came out with a big smile on his face so that's a great sign!!  

First day nerves for my big man!!

It was so strange walking just Conor, Mark, Katie and Cara up for the bus!!  I kept looking behind myself to see if Ryan was behind me lol  He was at home waiting for me to get back for a lift!! James checked him over to make sure he had his tie on right and shirt buttoned up haha  I think he is more of the mother hen!!  The next big milestone in our family is James off to Uni on 19th Septemebr!!  

Conor and Mark

Cara, Katie, Mark and Conor


Getting on the bus!!

One problem the kiddies always have is finding their PE kit bags when everyone's look the same so I hunted down bags that would be easily spotted by them and I ordered these from eBay ... I am totally delighted!!  

Kiddies PE kit bags

I think it is time now to get some stitching done :D  I am currently stitching Cara's mermaid and I Hope to be able to get it finished for her soon!

Have a great day!

love me