Tuesday, 29 March 2016

A-Z Blog challenge - (slightly late) My Topic Reveal

Hello there!!

Well what a week or so!!  I went to do Toshiba updates on my Toshiba laptop and it crashed then wiped itself :(  

Luckily between James (19) and Conor (11) they managed to get the computer into safe mode and copy all my files before the thing wiped its-self clean and put everything back to factory settings!!!  Well here I am, with what looks like a brand new computer lol  I wish!!  So I will have to start hoarding my junk on the lappy again to make it look like mine!! 

I am taking part in the A-Z blog challenge this year ... It shall be fun, I think (I Hope!!)  I was meant to reveal my theme on 21st March ... buy hey ho!!  

My theme this year (playing it safe, maybe too safe I think) is all about ...........

(Drum roll) .... Sewing & crafts

This, as you know, is something I love doing :D  

So over the month of April I hope to enterain you :D  That's the plan anyway lol

James is home from visiting family in Liverpool, so I had better go and make the boy so food ... even though he is very capable of making it for himself haha!!  

Bye for now


Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Knitting Katie, WIP day and Gifted Gorgeousness (a little late!)

Good Morning!

Well the sun seems to have his hat on and spring seems to be springing!!  All great stuff!!

I was going though my photos for my gifted Gorgeousness photos and i came across this photo taken the other week, of Katie, at the school knitting club :D  She certainly is very 'crafty'!!  :D

Katie at Knitting Club at school
this was taken on mad hair day which
is why her hair is a 'funny' colour!!  
After a good few days of a serious spring clean ... honestly where does all the 'junk' come from as we have only been here since October?!!  lol ... I forgot to post my Gifted Gorgeousness post so here is a photo of a few gifts that went to mine and Katie's pen pals!

A few gifts for our Pen-pals
After all my heard work of a total de-clutter and clean up (along with tons of washing and drying as I stripped down all the beds ... I never though of the washing and drying at the time lol) I am now going to have a lazy day on my bottom and stitch on this Joan Elliott SAL which Joan Elliott herself organised, designed and re-charted the charts to fit the boxes :D 

Joan Elliott Mystery Faces SAL
I hope you all have a great day!

Bye for now

Hugs Heather

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Sewing Machine Creations

Hello there,

I hope you are all well :D  I have Cara off school all this week as she has a 'virus' of some sort and it knocked her 'for six' Sunday and Monday and now she has a cough like that of a 100 a day smoker!! It's nasty :(  Poor wee thing xoxox 

At the moment she is still fast asleep!  I'm just glad James is home from Uni early as I was able to leave her sleeping. Normally she is up at about 6am but today (now 9.30am) she is still snoring her head off!!  

I was spoilt on Mother's Day :D 

Handmade at school :D

Lots of gifts from all the kiddies :D
I really do love the handmade cards and pictures that are done at school.  This year Cara's class even made keyrings! I will treasure them all forever :D 

Yesterday I got out my sewing machine and stitched together some stitching I have had sitting about for a while!  So much stuff stitch and just piled into a box as I didn't know what to do with them!! 

Once I am a bit more confident I will machine sew the Round Robins that I did a year or ago over on June's blog

I do miss doing Round Robins and Exchanges!  I use to join them all the time, or even run them ... maybe i might go looking for some to join or even brave it and run some of my own again!  I really do love Round Robins :D 

Anyway ... back to the title topic lol  Here are the pieces I machine sewn yesterday :D

Vase of hearts by Michael Powell

Lizzie*Kate design 'Wear A Smile'
I must say I am pleased with myself :D

I will have a route throw my stitched collection an see what I can stitch together next lol  As they say "Practice makes perfect"

Bye for now,


Sunday, 6 March 2016

Happy Mother's Day to all you yummy mummys

Have a Great Day 
The past week or so I have been organising and stitching for school!!  I am on Parent's Council at Conor, Mark, Katie and Cara's school and we had organised a Fitness for Fun Fundraiser.  One of the other parents is mad about Zumba dancing so we had her in to do Zumba with the kiddies and it was fantastic!  400 odd kids coming into the school hall over two mornings to do Zumba was amazing!  I have never seen so many happy kiddies in one place at the same time!

Then on Thursday we did Cupcake decorating!  Between 9am and 12 noon we had 400 odd kiddies come into the hall, get a plain cupcake then decorate it! We had a blast!! Great fun! Here are Mark, Katie and Cara with their buns! I have a photo of Conor somewhere on my camera or the Headmasters camera!!  I may have to go bug him for photos!  




Me and Cara
Then on Friday it was Mad Hair Day and own clothes day!  I love non-uniform days on a Friday because I can get the uniform washed and dried early lol 

It was Integration week and I stitched this hanger for the school as a surprise!  The Headmaster loves it :D 

Katie and Cara with stitched hanger

Mark, Conor, Katie and Cara



They had pink, green and blue in their hair topped with glitter hairspray lol  They looked a treat!! Shame it does not really show up on the photos! When I sprayed the glitter on I made them stand outside lol We must of looked a little silly if the neighbours saw us haha  Oh well, never mind!

Have a great day everyone.  I am off to do a bit of letter writing and stitching :D