Saturday, 30 April 2016

Z is for ... #atozchallenge

A to Z Challenge 2016

Z is for ... Zips
Which is something I have yet to try!
But I do have some on order!

Zips are handy little things ... They keep the cold winters wind off you because you can zip up your coat!

They stop the children's homework falling out of their school bag ... well, that's if the kiddies remember to zip their bags up lol 

Just like buttons ... they stop your clothes falling off which could leave you in an embarrassing position if that happened!!!  

I really do hope that you have enjoyed my A-Z Challenge posts.  I have really enjoyed writing my posts and please do pop by again!

Thank you to our hosts over on the A-Z Challenge blog!  Many many thanks for a great 26 days of blogging! 

This weekend, a lovely long Bank Holiday weekend I shall be sewing/stitching/making until my heart can sing no louder lol ... so watch out for the 'show-off' posts of my goodies lol  (or disasters!!) 

Take care

Friday, 29 April 2016

Y is for ... #atozchallenge

A to Z Challenge 2016

Y is for ... Why I love to craft! 
Which is something I really do enjoy!

I really enjoy my crafting!!  With recently learning how to use the sewing machine, then my world is my oyster!!  I just love to craft, not only to make things, but it keeps me active and it is very calming and soothing :D

Here is just a few of the things I have made for school classrooms, teachers, kiddies and myself!! 

For Katie
For Conor
For Mark
For School Colour Table
I have stitch all the colour names
in their colour!!
Round Robins
Teacher Gifts 2015
Teacher Gifts
Cara's Cushion
Floppy Pots

And lastly ... something for me!

So as you can see ... all this yummy stuff ... is WHY I love to craft!

Last letter tomorrow!!  Wow this months has gone fast!!

Bye for now

Thursday, 28 April 2016

X is for ... #atozchallenge

A - Z Challenge 2016

X is for ... X-stitch (AKA Cross Stitch)
Which is something I love to do and have done since 1999!!!

Just stitchin the day away!!  

I 'found' my lovely hobby in a shop called Woolworths!

I saw a gorgeous Winnie-The-Pooh picture on the from of a plastic box, which had paper, threads and a needle inside!!  I looked at this funny looking things for a while and put it back on the shelf thinking 'I can't do that!'  

Well, I thought about this funny looking thing all for a while, then I went back to Woolworths and bought it!!

It took me nearly 5 hours to read and understand the instructions and sort the threads into the correct colour piles lol 

Oh my, oh my, oh my I have never looked back since!!  I was totally hooked from that day on!!  It took me a whole week to finish this little picture!  I think I was at it for about 12 hours a day lol!


My first ever X-Stitch :D 
It is however looking a little worse for wear in the frame!!  

X is also for ... xstitchchick ... which is what my Twitter name is!  Very fitting I think! 

I hope you like this post and it made you smile!


Wednesday, 27 April 2016

W is for ...#atozchallenge

A to Z Challenge

W is for ... Wrong side of fabric Whip stitch and Wadding

Right side                                   Wrong side
Image from
Which is a new term I am getting use too!

Wrong side basically means the back of the fabric ... the side without the nice pattern on!

The right side of the fabric is the side you want everyone to see!!

Sometimes, with some patterns its like putting a jigsaw puzzle together with right sides and wrong sides lol

Whip Stitch is something that I am getting use to doing as now I use my sewing machine a lot I need to close 'the gaps' after adding wadding (Stuffing!!) 

Whip Stitch
Here is a lovely video link -  How to Whip Stitch

Different types of Wadding
Image from
Wadding can come in a big bag that looks like cotton candy or in rolls which will be used more for quilting.

I hope you enjoyed this post :D

See you tomorrow

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

V is for ... #atozchallenge

A to Z Challenge 2016

V is for ... Variety of crafty things!
Which is something I really enjoy doing! 😀

Crafts Crafts oh Crafty Crafts!
There are so many crafts 'out there' these days and even more new ones popping up! 

With such a variety how can a crafter say they are bored!! 😜

Which is why I have V.I.P ... Very Important Planing when starting projects, particularly when crafting with the kiddies lol Otherwise chaos takes over lol

With a Vast range of techniques and such a Variety to choose from it us Very hard to resist them all!

Even when pondering and looking up V related crafty goodness I came across V stitch in crochet! I didn't even know that there was such a thing as a V stitch! 

Here is a Vase of flowers to brighten up your day! Have a Very exciting one!! 💞

Vase of Flowers


Monday, 25 April 2016

U is for ... #atozchallenge

A to Z Challeneg 2016

U is For ... Unpicking

Which is something that I seem to do alot!!

I am only really a beginner to the sewing machine, with only a day crash course instruction, so I will not be hard on myself lol!!  

I am pleased that I am mainly self taught with the little projects I have done so I really do not mind having to Unpick my stitches because i know that next time I won't make that mistake again!!

I hope I wont anyway lol

Sorry, but this post is a short and sweet one today :)

See you tomorrow for 'V' ... thinking cap for this one lol


Saturday, 23 April 2016

T is for ... #atozchallenge

A to Z Challenge 2016

T is for ... Trim
Which is something I did today ... twice!

Good Evening bloggers and readers!

Oh boy what a day I have had!!  I have been running about like a crazy woman, as my list of chores was a long one today, as I left everything until the last moment as usual!! (sorry my post is so much later than I normally do it!!)

So we have Trim ... well today I had to shorten a new pair of school trousers for mark today! Tomorrow he and Conor are representing the school when they sing with the school Choir (OOOH school uniform wearing on a Sunday has not gone down well with the boys lol)

I had to trim off about 5 inches of the trouser legs before I could even hem them up!!

Either Mark has super short legs or the school trouser manufacturers make all their trousers extra super long!!  

Yes I even braved hemming them on my sewing machine!! Oh was I super chuffed with myself!!   

Image result for hemming school trousers sewing machine
Oh what fun!!
I still think they are a little long but since he is one of the tallest boys he will be at the back!  So as long as he shirt stays clean then all will be great!!

Trim has a few meaning ... To trim off excess fabric or to add trim ... such as ribbon or lace trim to make something look extra special

Lace Trim

Ribbons for trimming
Oh yummy lovely stuff!

I hope you have enjoyed my post!  I shall be back on Monday with to start off the final week of the A-Z Challenge!!

On Monday I intend to have a very lazy day!!  

Bye for now
Hugs and stitches!!

Friday, 22 April 2016

S is for ... #atozchallenge

A to Z Challenge 2016

S is for ... Sewing can be so complicated!

Which is something I am getting the hang of ... thank goodness because I am really enjoying myself and the fact that Katie and Cara are really starting to take such an interest!

Cara got so excited today when she came home from school because the brown buttons she wanted had arrived!!  She will be 6 years old in June, and from my childhood memories I would have got excited about a chocolate bar or the a friend coming over to play!!  

SEW many things needed ... Sew many thing bought and no doubt sew many more things to buy!!  

All I can say is that its all just SO worth it!  

Satin Stitch
Seam Ripper
Shank Button
Spool of threads

Best of all ... STASH!  You cannot beat a good stash of sewing stuff!!  

Sewing Stuff 

Bye for now

Thursday, 21 April 2016

R is for ...#atozchallenge

A to Z Challenge 2016

R is for ... Round Robin

Which is something I haven't done for a super long time
And something I really love participating in?

My Lizzie Kate Round Robin
Have you ever done a Round Robin?  Or are you sitting there scratching your head wondering what on earth I am whittering on about?  hehe!!

This was my fabric after I had completed my 'square' on my own Round Robin (The one I would get back to keep)

My RR after my square was
stitched on it

Let me explain ...  A Round Robin is something that goes around a group and each person adds their 'personal touch to it'

A Round Robin can be anything ... so long as it goes 'around' ... In this instance my sort of Round Robin would be a stitching Round Robin (or RR for short)

So, there is a group of stitchers ...


Each stitcher starts there own Round Robin on their own piece of fabric, each choosing a theme or maybe no theme and have what is known as a surprise ...

You can tack on your boxes where you want people to stitch or you can leave the fabric blank and let the stitchers decide where to stitch.  You can also include charts, so you then get the theme you want ... or you can leave it open to choice!

My Lizzie Kate on I stitched on boxes and included the charts ... after all people do not want to spend money buying charts!  Each stitcher will use their own threads as there is no point sending threads because most will have a vast amount of threads anyway, plus it just adds to the weight and cost of the parcel!

Extra postage weight is an unnecessary expense really ... if you wish metallic threads etc to be used then they should be enclosed or you stitch that on when it comes back!!  Things can get complicated ... which is why I prefer the quick, smaller RR's such a motifs.  That way people don't get bored with massive designs!  

Once all have stitched their piece they post (on an agreed date) to the person next on the list:-

Heather would post to Katie,
Katie would post to Cara,
Cara would post to Abby
Abby posts to Heather.

We all then stitch on the other persons fabric and post on again ... so on and so on until you end up with your own one back!  Simple and fun!!

There are other versions where each stitches something for a partner and you just swap stitching! This works well!  I joined in a Round Robin like this on another blog (Butterfly Wings) a while ago!  that was the last RR I did!!

If you click on my Round Robins link you will see examples of just some of the RR's I've taken part in and also sent to my partners!!

I just love Round Robins, yes things do go wrong, like stitching goes missing in the post or someone decides to keep everything they get!!  Both are just heartbreaking, but if you do Round Robbins with people that you 'know', people that are reliable then all goes brilliantly!

I hope you enjoyed this post and I have not given you a headache!!

Bye for now

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Q is for ... #atozchallenge

A to Z challenge 2016

Q is for ... Quick hem also known as wundaweb!

This is something I use a lot 

Wundaweb Hemming Tape
Wunderaweb (Quick Hem) Tape

But maybe now I have sewing machine power I may not use it just as much!!

All my boys either have very short legs or the makers of school trousers use very tall boys as models!!

My boys always need their trousers shortening!  My hand sewing is terribly shocking so I use this magic stuff!!  

Have you ever used this?  Oh my it is so (sew!!) easy!!  Just iron it on and hey presto you have a nice neat hem that sticks like glue!!

B R I L L I A N T!!

I hope you have enjoyed this post!

See you tomorrow ... I have a lovely topic that I totally enjoy doing but I haven't done it for a very long time!!  I wonder if you have ever tried it? mmmm :D 

Bye for now

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Crafting and goodies ... plus Gifted Gorgeousness 2016

Hello there!

I hope you are all enjoying my posts for the A-Z challenge! I am enjoying writing them!  

The last few days I have been a busy bee on the sewing machine and cross stitching!

I have finished Cara's cushion ...

She had her name written on paper and I managed to trace it onto the fabric then stitch over the top of the pencil markings!!  So, her very own personalised cushion!

Conor has now asked for a penguin cushion!!  Is there no end to the list??  NO! haha I really do not mind either :D  

I made two 'Floppy Pots'  today!  That was a learning curve haha!!  I totally enjoyed every minute of it :D

2 'Floppy Pots'

Filled with yummy stuffs!

The girls got a lovely surprise when that came home from school yesterday, a lovely 'old' friend had sent them a lovely parcel of fabric, a stitched personalised notebook for me and a lovely example of quilting :D  We are totally delighted for the lovely goodies and I am totally over the moon to have an old friend make contact :D  

She had been reading my blog and e-mailed me!  A wonderful blast from the past ...

Many many MANY thanks Jean xoxoxo

My girls are plotting and planning what to make!
the poor sewing machine will be tired once they
have finished!!

Beautiful ... Just Beautiful :D

Oh my!!  Fantastic :D
I am putting this as a decoration cloth in my room
Too good to be folded away!
Gorgeous :D

That's just a quick update from here!!  I missed my Gifted Gorgeousness post for April, but to be honest I haven't made any gifts ... Well the cushions may count!!  I haven't stitched anything though!! I must get some stitching done for my May posting :D  I really do need to get a move on with teacher gifts as the time is getting closer and closer (Last weekday in JUNE my children finish for the summer!!)  Not far off!!  

Well I had better start getting the kiddies sorted for bed!  The days are just whizzing by these days!

Bye for now ... see you for the next letter tomorrow :D


P is for #atozchallenge

A to Z Challenge 2016

P is for ... Pattern (or maybe even chart!!)

Which is something 'we' use! 

A pattern in cross stitch can sometime be called a charts ... It all just depends on what part of the world you are from!

I call it a chart!  

Basically, for all those reading this post that have no clue what I am on about ... I will show you!

free chart of a shamrock

As you can see, each symbol is in it's own little square ... each square on the chart/pattern represents a square on the fabric!  Each symbol will have its own colour thread, so as long as you follow the chart then things will be simple!

You can of course swap threads and use whatever colours you like! Nothing is set in stone :D

So as long as you place each stitched symbol in the same place on the fabric as on the chart then really you cannot go wrong ... unless you miscount (hence it being called counted cross stitch!!)

Believe me it is super easy to make a mistake and not notice it for AGES!!  lol

Been there, done that and wore the hat!!  

He is a link to a lovely cross stitch (free) chart of a sewing machine!!  this will show you what i mean about the symbols ...

Haha two great passions all rolled into one!!  It must be my lucky day! 

There is also a pattern for making clothes ...

which is something that Cara wants me to do!!

Eeek she wants me to make her a dress!!  Ahhhh .... Help!!

I have only ever used templates and they are tricky enough to cut out never mind a dress!!

Jaycotts dress pattern
I really cannot see myself doing this!!  lol  It shall be fun!

I must have a look for a super easy dress pattern!!  

I hope you enjoyed this post!  I am loving this challenge!

Thanks for reading please feel free to follow my blog, twitter or pinterest (or all of them lol)

Bye for now

Monday, 18 April 2016

O is for ... #atozchallenge

A-Z Challenge 2016

O is for ... Overlocker

O is also for ... Over Dyeing Fabric and threads

Which is something I would love too do :D 

First up ... The Overlocker

Image result for janome overlocker
What a groovy machine!
An Overlocker machine is one that stitches over the edge of one or two pieces of fabric to create a seam or hem (edging).  Most overlocker machines will also cut the fabric as it goes along ... 
(ooo ... I guess the kiddies can keep my scissors, as they always end up in their bedroom! grrrr lol)

This looks pretty much like an ordinary sewing machine!  I wonder if I could work some more of my crafty magic on one of these!  Mind you, if it is anything like when I get my sewing machine out ... I wouldn't get a look in at it!!

I think once I get a lot more confidence up on the sewing machine I may well try my hand at this machine!!

Next ...

Over Dyeing fabric and threads ...

Here is a link for Martha Stewart's website which details how to Over Dye fabric!  I have never been brave enough to try!  I always make such a mess in the bathroom with hair dye ... never mind fabric dye!  oh my!!  

(image from

I found this lovely chart on the internet too!  Very handy!!

The best threads that I love to use when making something a little bit more special or fancy ...
Weeks Dye Works Threads

Image result for weeks dye works color chart
Gorgeous colours

I hope you have enjoyed this post ... two of my favourite crafts, so I have really enjoyed writing this post :D

Now back to some stitching so I will have some stitching progress to show off late on :D

Bye for now

Follow my blog or tweets or interest ... or maybe all three!!  It would be great to see you!

Saturday, 16 April 2016

N is for ... #atozchallenge

A to Z Challenge 2016

N is for 'Not to many projects finished'
N is for 'New projects'

Which is something I excel at!!
Always tons of projects on the go at the same time!

Just some of my Not finished lol

I have way to many stitching projects on the go! NOT nearly as many finished as I would like!!

2016 is the year I had hoped that some would be finished but I found a NEW passion ... My sewing machine 😀 💞 😀

Us stitchers call our NOT finished projects WIP's which stands for Work In Progress ... My kiddies call it Not another one started but you haven't finished mine yet! haha!

Here is my WIP blog page for my bigger projects that have been neglected for a long time 😢

Katie is NOW starting to understand my passion for starting something NEW when I haven't finished one or planning my next project whilst in the throws of another! She is starting to be the same with her knitting or sewing! The child is defiantly my child lol!

I had better publish this post before Midnight or I will NOT have completed the rules of the challenge which is to post everyday in April (except Sundays) ... I was too busy stitching my Saturday away 😁😁😁

Bye for now

Friday, 15 April 2016

M is for ... #atozchallenge

A-Z Challenge 2016

M is for Making

Which is something that I really do LOVE to do!
I am sure you have realised that by now!! :D 

There are so many crafts out there that is heard not to talk about them!

I could bore you all silly with long posts about my passion, but when writing posts everyday for a wide audience I figured it was best to make my posts short and easy read!


Cross Stitch
Sewing Machine makes
Machine Embroidery
Hand Embroidery
Hand sewing 
Long Stitch/Tapestry
Card Making
Jewellery Making

... Just to name a few!!  See, there are so many to chose from and/or try!!

Go on, give some a go!!  I know you really really want too :D

You cant beat Handmade goodies :D

Thanks for reading

Thursday, 14 April 2016

L is for ... #atozchallenge

A-Z Challenge 2016

L is for Long-Stitch

Which is something I have done!
Bluebell Wood Lane Long Stitch Kit
Long Stitch design
(Image from sew and so)
Long stitch is tapestry which is done using long stitches!!  

Here is a little link to DMC which shows you how to fully do long stitch!

I have completed one kit many years ago ... it was a Thomas the Tank kit for Mark :D

It really is simple to do!  Why not give it a try :D 

Long Stitch is lovely to do and nice and quick so even bigger pieces can be simple, relaxing and quick :D

I may even get myself another kit and give it a bash again!! 


Wednesday, 13 April 2016

K is for ... #atozchallenge

A-Z Challenge
is for Knitting ... which is something that

My Katie loves to do!!

Such great colours to choose from
Knit one -purl one ...

Here is a little link if you wish to learn to knit!  I always end up getting my fingers in a tangle in the wool lol 

Katie is really enjoying knitting!  She learnt at knitting club at school!  Great stuff!  A child of many talents!!

Can you knit?


Tuesday, 12 April 2016

J is for ... #atozchallenge

A-Z Challenge
J is for Jumper ... which is something that

I love to wear to keep me warm

BUT I could not knit one for all the coffee in the world!!

The world is full of jumpers lol Made from all kids of material and fabrics.

Since knitting and 'clothes making' in general is seriously making a come back many, many people are making there own!  

I would love to be able to make jumpers as I love them but I cannot knit for toffee lol

Christmas JUMPERS!!  

Hope you enjoyed this little post :D  I must get a little more organised!  I have spent days chasing my tale haha!!  Busy but very happy :D

Have a great day all

Hugs Heather



Monday, 11 April 2016

I is for ... #atozchallenge

I is for Interfacing

Which is something I have used 😁

Interfacing is fusible. It has glue on one side that is made hot and sticky with a hot iron.  This allows it to stick directly to the fabric.

The glue side is either shiny or bumpy.

This one has small glue bots
The bumpy (glue) side goes onto the fabric then iron on to stick both pieces together! 

Interfacing can also be sticky on both sides! Messy if you forget or buy the wrong one! 

Interfacing can be use to strengthen fabrics! It is great stuff!!

Sorry for the later than usual posting! 

Hope you enjoyed my I post! 

See you tomorrow ... Don't forget to follow blog. I also have Twitter and Pinterest 

Bye for now

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Great crafty weekend! Katie, Cara and Ryan!


On Friday Katie and Cara received an early, joint, birthday present from my parents :D

The girls are totally delighted and excited for all that they can make!!

I was trying to put videos on here but I couldn't get them to work properly so I have them on my G+ account if you wish to view them :D

Sewing the day away!

Cover for her iPod

Cuddling her hard work

Showing off her work

3D Chicken 
Ryan made a messy bauble

The kids had great fun :D. We all had a fantastic crafty weekend 😁 


P.S ... Remind me to stock up on plenty of fabric because I think I'm going to need lots and lots with lots more on top haha