Saturday, 9 April 2016

H is for ... #atozchallenge

A-Z Challenger 2016

H is for Hemming or maybe  ... Heather!
Which is something Heather cannot sew straight on her sewing machine lol

Sewing a hem
(image from google)
There are so many versions of hemming!  Who would of thought it!!  I'm still new to all of this so here is a link!  If you figure it out please give me a shout and teach me lol

I did machine sew a red bag each for the girls, which I am very pleased with myself but the sewing a more like a wavy line in some places lol 

Bags that I made :D
I love to look up on You Tube or Google to watch videos on how to do something.
I love to learn new things!!  The internet is a wonderful world of information on anything!!  

This weekend Katie, Cara and I are having a crafting weekend, as my mum bought the girls a sewing machine between them for their birthdays (early present!!) ... we cannot wait, so I had better get off my blog and start getting all our equipment ready!! The girls are just too excited to wait any longer lol!!  

Today is also James' birthday ... he is 20 years young today ... no longer a teenager :D  

Have a great day all and many thanks for reading my blog!

Many hugs


  1. I like your bags - they look perfect to me and I'm sure to the girls too! Hope you're having fun with your sewing machines. Happy birthday James!

  2. The bag looks great! I am rubbish with a sewing machine and keep thinking about a finding a class somewhere to try to improve.

    1. That's how I got to grips with it lol I took a full day sewing machine course and just went for it :) You should too!

  3. The bags look great Heather. Have fun crafting with the girls this weekend.