Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Time flies ...

Hello All,

Wow I can't believe it has been over a week since my last posting in the A-Z Challenge!

I have been crafting and making 'behind the scenes' haha!!  Plus my mum came to visit for 5 days, which was totally fantastic :D  

I got really fed up hunting for stuff that I needed when sewing/making so I went out and bought a few storage boxes, pinched a shelf unit from my bedroom and I now have mine and kiddies sewing stuffs all organised :D

All in the one place!!
Boxes with our pen-pal letters in
Boxes of fabric and wool
Accessories in boxes in between!!

Fab fab fab!!  I just love this layout!

Miss Katie photo-bombed me lol
Cheeky Monkey!
I have started a cushion for Conor but I haven't  got too far though!!  Here is his penguin which will be sewn on ASAP 

Made from felt and hand sewn together
He does need some eyes I think :D

Cara did have a plastic type bag that the school give the children at the start of a new school year, to put their homework in.  Well Cara's got a hole in the bottom!!  So after a few carrier bags that ended up with holes in the bottom I decided to make her a bag.  I think the problem was she kept dragging the bags on the floor, as they where nearly bigger than her, which was why she ended up with holes in the bottom!!  

Pleased with her bag :D

one side

other side
I use two different designs of fabric, which was sent to the girls, by Jean.  I have lined the bag on the inside with iron-on interfacing!!  Lets hope that is strong enough to last until the end of June!!  

Last but not least ... my mum as taught me to knit!!  :D

Me ... Knitting!
Wow weeee ... I never thought I would ever enjoy knitting but I certainly did :D

I had better go and get myself sorted for school run!!

Bye for now,

Love and hugs