Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Stitching, sewing, school and a crash!

Good Morning to you all!

The kiddies are all back to school.  Conor has started Secondary school with ease :D  He is really enjoying it! Which I am quite pleased about!!

Conor's First Day
2nd September 2016
Conor and Ryan
Mark, Katie and Cara are back to school too!!  Mark's last year at Primary School! So I feel like I have deja vu the past 3 years lol One boy after the other leaving Primary school!  At least I will have a rest for a few years before it is Katie's turn!!  

Cara, Katie and Mark off to school on 1st September
During the summer I got little chance to do much but I did make a pencil case for Cara!
She is totally delighted with it :D 

Caras pencil case
11 August 2016

We had fun and Ice-cream in the park
24th August 2016

I finished my Joan Elliott SAL and had it framed!
(17th August 2016)

Now back onto Charlie Bear
(as at 20 August 2016)

I am trying to stitch a wee Egyptian hanger for Katie's teacher as their topic this month is all about Egypt but I can sit for very long and craft ... something that would normally take me a couple of days has taken about a 5 days!  A few stitches then I have to put it down and my shoulders, back and arms start to hurt :(  


Well, on 1st September some woman, who was not looking where she was driving, drove straight into the back of me whilst I was waiting to turn right!  I had been there for about 30 seconds and she came flying down the road and smashed straight into the back of me!!  She was NOT looking at the road!! Wonder what she was looking at??  Laura and Abby were in the car too!  Everyone is battered and bruised.  Laura's arm is in a splint.  Lucky nothing is too seriously damaged, except the car has been written off!!  That woman came at us with some speed that's for sure!  

So at the moment we are taking things easy!  Not quite the start to the new school year I had planned!!  

So, with luck I hope to be back to my normal self soon!  I am sore from head to toe!!  

Have fun and Keep Safe!!
Bye for now
Love me