Thursday, 27 October 2016

Sewing fun!

Hello there to you all :D

I hope you are all well!  Today is the start of the kiddies Hallowe'en Holidays for the kiddies!

The last week or so we have been busy with our sewing machines :D

Katie made herself a fox bag using felt!  I must say she did a brilliant job!

Making her bag

The end result!
Katie is so pleased with herself and so she should be!

I have made myself a bag :D  The fabric was gorgeous to stitch on and I got it from Sewing-Online. Fantastic online shop with brilliant customer service!  I just loved this fabric and because I used most of it I ordered myself some more!!  Shhhh don't tell my bank manager lol :D

One side done

Finished bag
Lastly I made a doggie for Cara!!  She has been after me making her one for ages!!  So here he is ...

Doggie in the making

One happy Cara

One side of Doggie

The other side of the doggie
The girls went to school, yesterday, dressed up!!

Catty Cara

Devil Angel Katie
Have a great day ... Cara wants the computer lol ... poor me has to clean up :(  haha

Keep safe

Love and hugs Heather

Friday, 7 October 2016

Sewing, 5K and back on the road again!!

Good Morning!

All seems to be getting back to normal here now, thank goodness! We now have a new car so fingers crossed that no one decided to try and 'hitch a ride on the back of our car with theirs!!' 

First off I have to 'brag' about Mark and Katie!!  They did a 5K run/walk with the school a few weekends ago!!  They are so pleased with themselves!  It was totally pouring down with rain too!  They were totally drenched.  Shoes took days to dry out lol I am so proud of them!  Since I could not take part after the accident, one of their school assistants said he would take them with him and his dog!  They were leaving last to make sure all the participants had not got lost or fallen ill during the run/walk!!  Mark and Katie didn't mind knowing they were going to be in last as they really wanted to do the run/walk!  It was a fun run/walk so what did it matter!!  They really had a great time walking the dog too! 

Katie coming 'home'

Mark and Ellie the dog coming 'home'

They did it in an hour and 10 mins as they 'went out'
about 20 mins after everyone else
As you can see they are very wet looking lol!!

Still suffering the effects of the whip lash and cant sit and sew for long like I used too but I am sure things will get better in time! 

I spent a few days making this Jelly Roll quilt!  I am delighted with it.  I didn't have one solid piece large enough for the back so I made my own!!  

Quilt Front
Quilt Back

This weekend we have declared a SAS weekend ... Sit And Sew!!  Lets hope that all goes to plan haha  I hope SEW!!  lol

Bye for now
Take care
Love me