Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Totally Crazy Busy but I love it!

Good Evening,

Once again it has been a good few weeks since I have posted on here!  I have been so busy having fun that at the end of each day I have just flopped!  

First of all I have actually finished my very first quilt.  I am totally delighted with myself!  Yes it has some flaws and its not perfect but I do not care because I made it! 

Quilt Front

Quilt Back
I am totally delighted and chuffed with myself!!

I am in the process of organising my new craft work space which has been 'installed' in my bedroom :D  Oh my oh my oh my, I am going to have lots of space to make and create, plus a space for writing my pen-pal letters!!  This is my Christmas Present from Laura and her hubby to be!!  I cannot wait to show you!  

The past 2 weeks I have gone into the kiddies school 2 afternoons each week and taught a sewing class :D  It is great fun!!  We are hand sewing a gift for Christmas!  Oh my the children have taken to it like ducks to water!!  I cannot show you any photos yet as I do not want to spoil the surprise for the children's parents!  I made some pin cushions so they would not lose needles!  That was great fun!!  

My box of goodies ready for sewing class

The best thing happened last week ... My parents came over for a week!!!  :D  :D  Brilliant to see them!!  We had a ball!!  We sat and chatted or went out for a short while. Mum took some of the kiddies on the bus into town whilst I entertained dad lol!!  We just had a lovely relaxing time. Cannot wait to do it again :D  #MakingMemories

Abby, Katie, Dad, Cara and me


Katie and Dad 

Katie and dad again
Well it is late and I need sleep!  Worn out but looking forward to another busy day tomorrow!  I like to be busy :D