Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Viking attack ...

Hello all!

Well just a quickie post!  Katie had a viking day in school today and they need to be dressed up.

As most of the classmates were going as warriors etc Katie wanted something a little different ... so she went as a 'Stay at home and mind the camp' Viking!  a traditional viking!

I didn't have to much time to whip up a costume but she totally adores what I made!

I am now 'stalking' the teacher and school website for a photo of her with the sword and shield she made in school hahaha!!  

Have fun, and if you have cold icy weather please stay safe!

If you have lovely warm sunny weather then please do not tell me as I will move in for a few months lol!!

Hugs Heather


Saturday, 25 November 2017

Such a long time but many 'adventures' #HeatherMakes

Hi there! 

Where do all the weeks go! A month until Christmas 😯 It certainly does not feel like Christmas, mind you we have had some snow and ice today eeek 😨

I have been a busy bee sewing up a storm. I would love to get my own business up and running 😆

Fabric covers made for 2018 diaries

Pencil Roll

Reversable fabric bowl in the making

Flowery Reversable
Fabric Bowl

Kiddies tool belts

Pencil Roll

Pencil Roll all rolled up!

Tool belts

Pretty flower bowl

This is Conor .... having his hair dyed!! It looks great!! It is semi permanent so it won't last too long!! I actually quite like it!

I have had some shelves put up in my 'bedroom'! My room is now more like a craft room with a bed in it ... not a bedroom with a crafting space hahaha!! 

My lovely stash

Halloween Fun at school for Katie and Cara!! Katie went dressed up as a Zombie School Girl. Cara was a scary fox!!

Katie made a lovely cushion for her Italian penpal

So you can see we have been upto alot! Keeping busy is good!!

My parents are coming to visit in a week or so! We cannot wait!!

Bye for now! Have fun and be good!!
Hugs Heather