Sunday, 7 January 2018

Happy New Year

Hello to you all! 😁

I hope everyone had a great and safe Christmas and New Year

**** Happy 2018 ****

We had a great time!!  Kids were happy with what Santa brought ... phew!!

I have not had much time for sewing as we were too busy having fun, then I got a really heavy cold and then an eye infection ... grrrrr .... All back to normal now thank goodness!!  

There is a sewing competition running, so I am going to enter!  Well, why not hehehe 😍 

I have a few plans in my head ... I just need to get making ... then back to my cross stitch 😘

in between Christmas and New year they was a damn good clear out of this house!!  naomi (James' girlfriend) decided to tackel the boys bedrooms!!  Im forever tidying them up but the boys make a mess again ... so she did them and now asks for a photo every couple of days to check they are tidy lol  Yes they boys keep them tidy!!  Mind you, she throw out alot of junk!  The boys took out of the rooms what toys/stuff they wanted and said she could do what she wanted with the rest ... so of to charity/recycle/bin it went!!  Not as much stuff in the rooms hopefully means not as much mess in the future!!  Well, that's what I am hoping for anyway!!  

Just before school started again last Friday the girls and I went for haircuts!!  
Katie ended up helping to take the decorations down haha!!

I also managed to get a few more photos up.
Well, thats about it for me, for now!   will post progress photos of my sewing/cross stitch!

Take care. 
Bye for now
Hugs Heather