Friday, 9 February 2018

Cross Stitching, Pottery and Coffee

Hello all! 😊

This evening was the 2nd Pottery class for my kiddies. Again, they really enjoyed themselves.

Conor & Marks

Cara all pleased
With herself!

Katie & Conor

Funny face Katie
And her pot

Whilst they have 2 hours of messy fun, I indulged in a Chocolate Muffin, super large coffee and some more cross stitching. I am really loving Ladybird Fairy by Joan Elliott 😀

Yummy in every way

Once again the weekend is here ... It is nearly half term. A month and half of 2018 gone already! I really do not know where the days are going. Im still all out of sorts from Christmas!! 

The kiddies & I did alot of cleaning and sorting this evening so lets hope we can have a lazy weekend! Cara is intending on staying in her PJ's all weekend 😂 Thats my girl!!

No matter what you do, have a good one and stay safe xxx



Sunday, 4 February 2018

You'll Never Guess What I Did!!

Good Evening All!

Well I finally did it, well at least some of it ... It shall take time ...

Yes I did some Cross Stitching!!

Even Conor commented on how he missed seeing me Cross Stitch!!

Here she is, The Ladybird Fairy 🐞

Progress as of
Sunday 4th Feb 2018

I cannot wait to stitch on her some more tomorrow!!



Friday, 2 February 2018

Kiddies Pottery Fun

Well Hello!!

When things don't go according to plan ... Where did January go? Who stole the month? I cannot believe it is February already 😯

This afternoon my kiddies started a pottery course. It lasts for 4 weeks! They had so much fun. They really did enjoy themselves.

After nearly all of us being ill then back to schools Ive been so out of my routine its crazy! Kiddies are at their dads this weekend so Im having a 'slobby' time then back to normal on Monday ... I hope lol

Lazy weekend with cross stitch, coffee, chocolate and TV!! It is well needed!! ✂🍵☕🍫🍬🍰🌞

I hope everyone is doing well!

Hugs Heather
xxxxx 😍