Sunday, 11 March 2018

Oh wow ... lots and lots of crafty goodness!

Hello to you all!

Once again, time has slipped by! 

I have been busy crafting, making clay pots and organising a cross stitch Round Robin! I haven't done a Round Robin in a very, very long time! My cross stitch seems to have come to a halt ... poor poor crosses!!

This is what I have been up too!!

An Easter Basket

All my eggs in one
Basket!! 😊

Pencil Cases

Katie stole one!!

Another Easter Basket

Pencil case

Pencil case or maybe
A make-up bag

All together!!

Small purses

My pottery class also begain! It was great fun and I now see why the kiddies enjoy their classes so much!!

Thats really all I have been doing the past month!! Busy with schools and home but not much really to report without boring you to sleep! 😆😂

I need to choice a theme for my Round Robin so I need to get my thinking cap on!!

Hope you are all well!

Bye for now