Saturday, 16 February 2019

My goings on!


Such alot of exciting and new adventures going on here!

The past few weeks has seen me stand up, on stage, at my childrens secondary school assembly and gave a talk on sewing and how I was starting a sewing club at school. I asked that if anyone was interested to see me after assembly. 

Well ... I got mobbed!! 😊😍😊

I am now the proud 'owner' of a Sewing Club at Drumragh Integrated College ... whoop!! 👍

Whilst getting the Sewing Club up and running I am organising being involved in a Global Sewing Party. 

This is a month long party throughout the world. Its all about teaching children to sew.

Katie is a sewing ambassador for the founder of #sewasoftie. So ... Katie and I did 3 sewing lessons with her Classmates. Katie taught them to sew and I was the assistant!!

Even the local paper came to see what  this global sewing party was all about 😀

We got a fantastic
write up!!

They did great!!

After all of this exciting fun ... I would love nothing more than to start running my own sewing business. I think I have found my 'calling in life'

I have had such a wonderful few weeks ...