Sunday, 11 March 2018

Oh wow ... lots and lots of crafty goodness!

Hello to you all!

Once again, time has slipped by! 

I have been busy crafting, making clay pots and organising a cross stitch Round Robin! I haven't done a Round Robin in a very, very long time! My cross stitch seems to have come to a halt ... poor poor crosses!!

This is what I have been up too!!

An Easter Basket

All my eggs in one
Basket!! 😊

Pencil Cases

Katie stole one!!

Another Easter Basket

Pencil case

Pencil case or maybe
A make-up bag

All together!!

Small purses

My pottery class also begain! It was great fun and I now see why the kiddies enjoy their classes so much!!

Thats really all I have been doing the past month!! Busy with schools and home but not much really to report without boring you to sleep! 😆😂

I need to choice a theme for my Round Robin so I need to get my thinking cap on!!

Hope you are all well!

Bye for now


Friday, 9 February 2018

Cross Stitching, Pottery and Coffee

Hello all! 😊

This evening was the 2nd Pottery class for my kiddies. Again, they really enjoyed themselves.

Conor & Marks

Cara all pleased
With herself!

Katie & Conor

Funny face Katie
And her pot

Whilst they have 2 hours of messy fun, I indulged in a Chocolate Muffin, super large coffee and some more cross stitching. I am really loving Ladybird Fairy by Joan Elliott 😀

Yummy in every way

Once again the weekend is here ... It is nearly half term. A month and half of 2018 gone already! I really do not know where the days are going. Im still all out of sorts from Christmas!! 

The kiddies & I did alot of cleaning and sorting this evening so lets hope we can have a lazy weekend! Cara is intending on staying in her PJ's all weekend 😂 Thats my girl!!

No matter what you do, have a good one and stay safe xxx



Sunday, 4 February 2018

You'll Never Guess What I Did!!

Good Evening All!

Well I finally did it, well at least some of it ... It shall take time ...

Yes I did some Cross Stitching!!

Even Conor commented on how he missed seeing me Cross Stitch!!

Here she is, The Ladybird Fairy 🐞

Progress as of
Sunday 4th Feb 2018

I cannot wait to stitch on her some more tomorrow!!



Friday, 2 February 2018

Kiddies Pottery Fun

Well Hello!!

When things don't go according to plan ... Where did January go? Who stole the month? I cannot believe it is February already 😯

This afternoon my kiddies started a pottery course. It lasts for 4 weeks! They had so much fun. They really did enjoy themselves.

After nearly all of us being ill then back to schools Ive been so out of my routine its crazy! Kiddies are at their dads this weekend so Im having a 'slobby' time then back to normal on Monday ... I hope lol

Lazy weekend with cross stitch, coffee, chocolate and TV!! It is well needed!! ✂🍵☕🍫🍬🍰🌞

I hope everyone is doing well!

Hugs Heather
xxxxx 😍

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Happy New Year

Hello to you all! 😁

I hope everyone had a great and safe Christmas and New Year

**** Happy 2018 ****

We had a great time!!  Kids were happy with what Santa brought ... phew!!

I have not had much time for sewing as we were too busy having fun, then I got a really heavy cold and then an eye infection ... grrrrr .... All back to normal now thank goodness!!  

There is a sewing competition running, so I am going to enter!  Well, why not hehehe 😍 

I have a few plans in my head ... I just need to get making ... then back to my cross stitch 😘

in between Christmas and New year they was a damn good clear out of this house!!  naomi (James' girlfriend) decided to tackel the boys bedrooms!!  Im forever tidying them up but the boys make a mess again ... so she did them and now asks for a photo every couple of days to check they are tidy lol  Yes they boys keep them tidy!!  Mind you, she throw out alot of junk!  The boys took out of the rooms what toys/stuff they wanted and said she could do what she wanted with the rest ... so of to charity/recycle/bin it went!!  Not as much stuff in the rooms hopefully means not as much mess in the future!!  Well, that's what I am hoping for anyway!!  

Just before school started again last Friday the girls and I went for haircuts!!  
Katie ended up helping to take the decorations down haha!!

I also managed to get a few more photos up.
Well, thats about it for me, for now!   will post progress photos of my sewing/cross stitch!

Take care. 
Bye for now
Hugs Heather


Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Back to my cross stitching!!


Its a cold, rainy & snowy day here ... Cara is off school sick AGAIN! SOOOOO .... I decided to snuggle up on the sofa with Cara whilst she watched the Christmas cartoons. Me being me cannot sit still so I pulled out 'The Little Stitching Fairy' by Joan Elliott.

Here she is so far ... yes a long way to go hehehe

Feels quite nice to be cross stitching again (Whilst planning my next sewing project in my head!!) 😍😛

Have a great day
Love & hugs


Monday, 11 December 2017

A new make ... And a new routine!

Hello there,

Hope you are all well!  We have had quite a bit of now and ice here.  Not nice at all!

Playing in the snow 
The craft fair went well. Quite a lot of interest in what I had made,  I was doing it just too see what interest there would be.  I recovered my out lay which was great!!  All in all a brilliant few hours and the kiddies also got to see Santa!!

We had fun which was the aim! Great night for my first craft fair!  I recovered what I had spent on fabric etc so that is great.  We have to try these things to get a few for pastures new!!

Yes I have a Christmas Tree
On my head ... it's a hairband!

Mum and dad were over for a week long visit!  Great too see them and yes I 'dragged' them along to the craft fair hahaha!!

Double Trouble
Katie & my dad

My mum

I have finished making my Christmas gifts, so for now I will unplug my sewing machine and get this house ready for Christmas.

An apron request

Over the festive period I may return to my cross stitching!!  I haven't done that for a very very very long time!!

This year I feel like I have been stuck in a rut.  I have had a nice year but I think it's time to 'shake it up' a bit!! I'm feeling restless lol I was reading up on 'Bullet Journals' but they look rather complicated! I love to write things down so Im doing my own version which I called 'Life Changing Journal ... One Day At a Time' © I have followed some of the ideas from the bullet journals but simplified it because I do get easily confused in my 'old age' haha! This is more for my thoughts and ideas whilst keeping a separate diary for day to day use.

I am going to have a damn good declutter of this house over the next few days ... please snow stay away so the kiddies are in school!! 

Well it is bedtime for me!!  Up extra early to de-ice the car!!  brrrrr its too cold for my liking hehe!!

Bye for now