Friday, 25 April 2014

I don't believe it ...

Hello to you all out there!

You'll Never guess what .... I only went and passed my Open University course that I was doing .... oh yay!! Go me!  I am so chuffed with my little self!!  

The course was a science course which was all based with learning on-line more so than from a text book.  Of course it happened to be slap bang in the middle of us moving home and we had no internet for what seemed like a life time!!  I really thought I wouldn't pass as I couldn't really study as much as I wanted too because we had no internet!!  So yeah i am delighted with little ol' me!!  

So .... I think I deserve to buy myself a little present or something!!  

lol any excuse for me to treat myself haha

For the bloggers who joined my exchange .... I have assigned whom will be sending to whom and put a post on the right hand side of my blog ... I have all e-mails ready to send out with names and addresses on but its a little late to be sending people e-mails.  Well actually I suppose it is very early in the morning and for all (like myself) who get their e-mails on their phone. I don't want to start off musical tunes on phones and wake people so I will click the send button in a few more hours time lol 

Well I had better get to sleep.  Cara has been very unsettled the past few nights.  She keeps coming to my room for hugs and kisses ... basically checking I am still here ... in the middle of the night (which is why I'm blogging at 2.30 am UK time) ... waiting for her to come to my room before I sleep because I can never get back to sleep once I've been woken up!  

Hope you all have a happy Friday and a good weekend if i don't 'see you' before .....

Love and hugs and stitching kisses 

Monday, 21 April 2014

A lovely ....


Hello to you all!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter day and holidays :)

Mine has been a little strange because the children have been with their father since Wednesday so the house has been a little quiet to say the least but there has been plenty going on  to keep me busy, so busy infact I just done know where the last 6 days have gone to!!  The children will be home later on this evening so I am really looking forward to noise and a messy house again lol 

The last few days I have stitched on Summer Fairy and she is coming along nicely!  Still alot to do but she will be so worth it in the end.  Not alot of stitching but quite a bit backstitch in DMC and metallic threads plus 100's of beads to stitch on!!  Now that will be a task and a half I think lol   Looking forward to seeing her finished though :)

Summer Fairy
as at 20 April 2014

I felt very lucky when I received this exchange from Bernadette in France .... The Exchange was organised by Mii Stitch so thank you both very much!  I totally love all that I received and being an avid letter writer I love the personalised address book Bernadette made just for me!!  :)  I really love the eggs in the basket and the beautiful bubble baths PLUS I can reuse the baskets when all the lovely goodies have gone!!  I just love re-using items!!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you 
xxx  Totally spoiled  xxx

My beautiful address book :)

All my Easter Goodies
xx Thank you xx
I am still waiting on a few people to get back to me for my exchange ... I will give people until Wednesday and if I haven't heard from them by then I will just go ahead with and give partner details out, otherwise we are all hanging about ... 

If you asked to be in my exchange then check out .... Exchange Post .... and please contact me with your postal details if you haven't already done so  .... Cheers!!

Lastly Look what the Easter Bunny brought for 'lil 'ol me :)

Yum Yum
Thanks Easter Bunny!!

I had better get some sleep before the kiddies arrive home lol
Bye for now, happy stitching/crafting/eating chocolate!!

Love me

Sunday, 13 April 2014

FAO Exchange sign-up bloggers

Hello all exchangers  (updated 25th April)

Michella - I didn't hear from

In the exchange
Valma - got all info thanks
music woman - got all info thanks
CJ - got all info thanks
Cucki - got all info thanks
Brita - got all info thanks
Vicky L - got all info thanks
Stitching Noni - got all info thanks
Kate Roland - got all info thanks
Monique - got all info thanks
Me - I have mine lol
Thoeria - got all info thanks

Total in exchange group = 13 people :)

I have left a posting for you under each of your comments ...

What I need is your postal address.  I'm having problems getting into profiles to get e-mail contact info.

Please e-mail me at with your home postal address.

In the mean time I will organise who is sending to who so once I have all details I can pass info out :)

Thank you very much


Thursday, 10 April 2014

Turtle trot Update


For once I am on time with an update lol  Maybe things are now back to normal in my house :)

Here is my very slow progress over the last few months but with the Easter holidays nearly upon us I have declared it a relaxing holiday as we have all done nothing but charge around like mad fools since January lol

Yesterday was James' birthday and he was a big 18 years old!!  Wow I feel very old now hahaha

For all who has joined my exchange I will get partner details sorted asap .... I'll be in touch with everyone too for postal addresses!  I cant wait, I'm really excited :)

Turtle Trot progress :-

Baby Sampler
as at 10th April 2014

Summer Fairy
as at 10th April 2014

Ladybird Fairy
as at 10th April 2014

I hope everyone has had a great stitching time :)

Lots of stitching love
Me xxxx

Thursday, 3 April 2014

At last ....

Hello to you all

Here is a photo of my TUSAL plus a nice biscornu finish for a pen-pals birthday gift :)

TUSAL and Biscornu

Today, after chores etc, I will be finishing off the Easter Eggchange from Mii's blog and getting that in the post asap :)

This weekend the children are with their father so I intend to get some stitching done for ME!!  lol

Mum and dad got home safe and they really enjoyed their week long stay!  It was great to see them again I will admit and roll on the summer when they are coming back over :)

Don't forget my exchange sign up as the closing date is nearly upon us!

Have a brilliant day all

Love me

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Who Fancies A ....


After much deliberation with myself I have decided to see if anyone fancies an exchange.

I use to organise all kinds of exchanges and Round Robins many years ago and I fancy doing some more :)

Anyone up for it?


  1. Have a stitched gift made up and posted by July 1st
  2. Put a card or note in with the stitching so the recipient knows who has sent them the gift (card/note can be stitched or shop bought) 
  3. If you join ... Then after the closing date of 10th April you must commit to the exchange (Its not fair if someone sends to you and you don't send to someone ...  Not nice!)
  4. Extra made/bought gifts are not required but always nice to receive a small parcel with lots of extra goodies in :)
  5. Have a blog and be a follower (therefore I can get hold of you if needs be!)
So ... a stitched item and card/note is all that's needed to make someone smile ... 

Stitched item can be a biscornu or a hanger or an ornament of some sort or  bookmark or anything that you like making up.

Theme .... There is no theme .... stitch something that cheerful ... make someone smile .... something that you yourself would love to receive :)

Do you fancy an exchange?  Please only sign up if you are serious about sending .... 

Either leave comment on this post or e-mail me at

Thank you


Happy Mother's Day

For all you Mummys out there

I hope you have all had a lovely day and relaxing day!  We all went out for late lunch/early tea today!  The children really loved it :)  Fantastic day!!

So, the coming week I hope to get my stitching plan organised and all my folders/threads out and get my needle burning again!  I really am getting itchy fingers now with the lack of stitching!!

Top of the list is finishing off a birthday gift and Easter Exchange piece then all my stuff will be flying off the needle with luck!!  

Have a wonderful evening ... must get a photo of my TUSAL too!!

Love me