Sunday, 14 September 2014

Joan Elliott Stitching weekend :)

Hello there!!

Well I had a lovely weekend stitching, drinking coffee, stitching, eatting chocolate, stitching and even more coffee and chocolate lol  well someone has to be a chocolate monster so I figured this weekend it would just have to me haha :)

My happy stitching weekend :)

I just need metallic thread and beads on but i will do that at the end :)

I hope you all had a great weekend

Love me

PS ... keep watching for my fab giveaway .... coming very very soooooon!!!  :) :)

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Stitching at last .... plus up and coming Giveaway

Hello all ...

Finally the thread, needle and fabric became one again lol

I am stitching in a Joan Elliott SAL group on Facebook and this is my SAL so far ....

The fabric look a little 'bent' lol

I hope to have a reall good stitch on her tonight!  No other news from here ... all quiet for a change lol

*I will be doing a GIVEAWAY, for old and new followers, over the weekend for my Blogs Anniversary ... Watch this space *

Hapy stitching all

Love Heather

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

First day of school ....


I have just realised that I did not show off my wee Cara on her first day of school last Tuesday!!

Cara ready to leave for school

Cara at her classroom
She had a brilliant first week in school and she was so disappointed that the weekend came around! She was really annoyed with her siblings becasue they thought it was great that there was no school when she wanted to go in lol

She received a sticker on her first day for being so good and helpful with the other children that were a little unsure :) .... well this is what she did with her sticker in the car on the way home ....

She turned Abby into a Ladybird!!
Poor Abby lol!!  Cara thought Abby looked great as a ladybird and Abby really didnt mind at all haha!!

The rest of this week whilst Katie and Cara have been at school have finally managed to finish off their bedroom ...

Cara's bed

Katie's bed

The Book Corner
I think the room ooks fantastic!  Although it does look like Katie has more stuff on herside but its just becasue Cara has the doorway by her bed :)  The girls are delighted!!

Now Laura and I seem to have got back into the swing of school runs etc maybe now I can get back to doing my own things during the day .... Like stitching haha  :)  That would be so fantastic!  The last 3 months or so I have really missed it!  I feel like half a person without my needle and thread in my hand!!

Until next time take care!!

Love and stitching/crafting hugs

Monday, 1 September 2014

Good Monday Morning! (A Big one!!)

Good Morning to you all!

Well today is the first day back at school for Ryan, Conor, Mark and Katie!!  Cara starts her first day tomorrow!  Cara is delighted as she has Laura, Abby and me all to her little self lol!!  It was so odd not waking James up for school!!  He finished his last year of school forever back in June.

Katie, Mark, Conor and Ryan

Mark, Conor and Katie
(The car was parked when photo taken lol)

James did very well in his A-Level exams and has gained a place on an Honors Degree Civil Engineering course at Queens University in Belfast.  He is having a year gap this year so the course starts this time next year!  I am glad becasue I am not too sure if I am ready to let my big (little) boy go yet lol

On the grandaughter front .... Abby is doing amazing :)  She is growing so fast!!!

Buzzy Bee Abby

Abby with Cara's school jumper on lol
Plus one proud mummy Laura :)

On the Stitching front I have sent and received 3 Round Robin Pieces from June's Blog Round Robin
(I need to go through my photos and find all the pictures!!)

So far ...

Sent to and received from Kim

I received this lovely piece from Kim
Send to and received from Catherine

This is the parcel I sent to Catherine

Sent to and received from Grace

Received from Grace

and last but not least from June herself!!

What I received from June

This is what I sent to June

So hopefully now life seems to have returned to normal that the stitching will start to flow again!

I spent the Saturday stitching on a SAL I am doing on Faebook ... a Joan Elliott Mystery Faces SAL so once i have a bit more done I will show you a progress photo!

Have a great day all and be safe!

With love and stitching hugs

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Words are sometimes not enough ...

Hello fellow bloggers!

Yesterday evening (a few hours ago) I learnt that a wonderful woman, fellow sticher/blogger/Facebooker had passed away.  I havent really followed other peoples posts on FB or the blogs the last while as the children hog all the technology in the home and my energy!!!  lol  

So, in great stitching memory, to a woman I knew a little but felt like I'd known her for years ....

RIP Debbie xxxxx

Over on Linda's blog she has crazy ideas for stitching in Debbie's memory .... well I did say words are not enough!!  

My thoughts are with Debbie's family and Linda's crazy ideas!!

I will be back asap with some actual stitching photos lol until then love to you all.  Keep safe xxxx

Hugs Heather

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Such a long time .... (Lots of photos)

Hello to all my lovely readers,

Oh my I have been away from my blog for such a long time! Where has the time gone??  Who stole my weeks??  lol  It is hard to believe that Baby Abby is 7 weeks today .... 

Abby Having a picnic in the park :)
A nice big cheesy bun she pinched lol

But that means my kiddies have had 7 weeks of the summer holidays off school already .... 2 more weeks to go until school starts again and guess what ... I have hardly done a stitch :(  

I have managed to finish off Abbys birth sampler and complete Round Robin pieces but thats about it!!  Roll on school starting lol

Abbys Birth Sampler

But we have had a good few day out and in particular a beautiful day at the park with a big picnic tea!  We had a ball and again time was lost but whos counting the hours?  Not us!!  lol We have been to the park a few timeas and the kids love it there!!  

Yummy yummy Picnic food :)
(we scoffed the lot too!!)

Cara and Conor

Cara and James

Ryan and James having a climb!

Katie with yummy ice-cream

Laura and Abby

Having a rolling time down a hill!!

Ryan rowing away with mark (red top) and
Conor swinging the day away lol

Laura, Mark and Cara
Katie and Me having a 'selfie' lol

Whilst the children were away at their fathers I decorated Katie and Cara's bedroom .... with the help of Lily! I am waiting on a few bits and pieces to arrive in the post to complete their room but so far so good the girls love their new room!!  cara is now also in a full size bed and she loves it!!

Lily the painting boss!!

Cara and Abby giving Cara's new bed a try!!

I spent yesterday doing school uniform shoping for all 5 children! My purse is now a few hundred pounds lighter :(  The kids and I had a ball going around the shops getting all that they needed!! Cara cannot wait to start school but the teacher she was meant to have has left, Im gutted becasue she is a brilliant teacher and I so hoped Cara would be in her class.  At this moment in time we have no idea who her teacher will be!!  Its a wait and see I guess .... I hate the unknown!!

Today my friend Karen popped in with a lovely surpise for Cara ... A fab knitted hat for her :)
Cara loved the wool that Karen was knitting a blanket and cardi for Abby that Karen decided to knit a hat for her :)  What a lovely friend she is xxxx

Well, I think I have waffled on long enough.  I hope you enjoyed the family photos :)

Happy crafting weekend all 

Love me

PS for all those in my exchange ... I will update who has send/received and for those who have not recevied (myself included) I will be in touch with you asap ... If im not quick at contacting you please e-mail me and let me know you havent received xxxx  Lets hope we all do xxxx

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Here at last ...

Hello all!

Well I have finally managed to log in and write a quick post!!  Life here is going well but super fast!!  Busy busy busy all day long helping with baby Abby and the school summer holidays! :)  We went for a lovely picnic in the park last week so I must find the photos and post a few!  We had a great time and we were there for hours and hours but it seemed like 5 minutes lol

I have finally managed this weekend to get detailed charted up for Abbys birth sampler so I will work away on that tonight and then I can get it to the framers! 

So far so good!

This week I have been sorting and organising my bedroom and I got a nice new bed too!  Cara is ready for a proper full size bed so she will have my single bed as its only a few months old so I bought a double bed .... for the same price as a single!!  Haha there was a method in my madness ... so I now have a big bed for when we have visitors. Speaking of visitors my mum and dad are coming over very soon so they can use my room rather than moving laura like we did.  So much harder moving Laura out of her room now that Abby is in there and that that would upset Abbys routine!  

The bed sheets I chose are lovely and I got some cushions to accessorise lol  I love typewriters so I really could not resist buying them!

The quilt cover has letters and postcard printed on also with 'Make Do And Mend' sayings on plus ... 'Stitched With Love' printed on which I didnt realise that was on so I was totally made up with my buy!!

I couldnt resist showing off my quilt cover with my TUSAL for this month ... a perfect condination I think!

TUSAL Stitched with love :)
 Last but not least my very slow progress on Summer Fairy

Summer Fairy as at 27 July 2014
I have not really donw much else for the last few weeks!  We have mainly been busy with children lol

Have a great day all

Love me