Friday, 19 November 2010

Weekend of 19th November - 21st November 2010

This weekend I aim to stitch More of Fireside Fairytales. I have just over 800 stitches completed.  Each red box holds 400 teeny tiny stitches so I aim to complete a minimum of 2 red boxes and a maximum of 4 red boxes (1,600 stitches) ... I wonder if i can?

At the start of a good stitching session (19th November)

Fireside Fairytales at the moment.  I hope to get back to it this weekend.  Just a few things I need to do first!

Just over 1600 stitches done and 2 threads parked!  I have not touched Fireside for over a week and now for the life of me cannot remember what colours I parked ... no parking for me I think!!


  1. Well done you - Mrs Speedy Needles :-p

  2. Of course you can, you're Stitchy :)

  3. Its looking super, I don't think you should park anymore, just keep driving rofl....are they black and black.