Saturday, 19 March 2011

Number of hours stitched - UPDATED

On our Openminders forum Ruth set a challenge for the number of hours stitched from Friday - Sunday.  I love this challenge :-)

Saturday- Sunday I plan to spend doing my Heaven and Earth design because I have not touched it since last year :-(

Friday I spent 9 hours finishing some Birthday gifts for the April Birthday People on Openminders.

I cannot show photos until Birthday dates!  Don't want the birthday people to peek!

Starting soon, as I am using my laptop before my eldest son pinches my laptop as his has broken, I aim to spend every minute I can stitching Fireside Fairytales.

Saturday - 8 hours on HAED.  There was a lot of colour changes so it really does not look like 8 hours at all!  I think I was out of 'tune' with it!  So I think I need a few more good stitching sessions to get myself back into the swing of it.

Sunday - another 8 hours.  I did 5 hours on HAED and  the rest on other projects plus I started the second horse for Katie so she is delighted!

Heaven and Earth Fireside Fairytales By Randal Spangler
As at the end of 19th March


  1. ooo I darn't count the number of hours I stitch .. good luck love mouse xxxx

  2. Thanks Mouse! It is only every now and again we count the hours done and whoever has the most wins the 'crown of queen stitcher'!

  3. That is looking amazing Heather :) Can't wait to see more. xxxx

  4. Its looking totally amazing, you are flying through it.

  5. It is looking fab Heather - look forward to your next update :)

  6. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment. I am now a follower of your blog. Look forward to watching your stitching.

  7. Looking great Heather keep us posted ,