Thursday, 12 January 2012

Last weeks stitching

Good Morning Bloggers,

I must say a huge thank you to you all for joining in the Giveaway (posted on my blog Thursday 5th Jan 2012) and to you all for re-posting on your on blogs.  A big thank you too to all the new followers my blog now has.  I am totally delighted!! :-)

The last week I have been busy stitching on the Charlie Bear SAL with Steph.  We are stitching him as and when we can Fridays to Sundays. He really is going to be a pleasure to stitch.  Here is a progress picture of last weekends SAL on my piece.  Take a look at Steph's progress on her blog stephies stitching

Charlie Bear Alphabet SAL at the end of 8 Jan 2012

I have spent most of my time stitching Marks Pirate for him.  I hope to finish the main picture by Tuesday.  I will carry on stitching this today and then put it away for the Charlie Bear SAL over the weekend.  The plan then will be to stitch more on Conor's Penguin to have a breakfrom the 'brown' of the boarder.  I am half way through the first Penguin.  The second Penguin is slightly smaller.  With luck and sheer stubbornness I hope to have both pieces near enough done by the next weekend!!  Fingers crossed lol (please excuse the quality of some of the photos, my camera is not my friend today)  

Marks Pirate picture as at 11.20am 12 Jan 2012
Conor's Penguin as 12 Jan 2012
I feel quite mean with the pieces I am stitching as the Horse picture for Katie was massive but I am stitching what they have chosen and they haven't complained!!  Link to Katie's Horse photo on blog

I must choose some thing for my wee darling Cara who is nearly 19 months old. I have the idea, like the other Children did, of letting her choose her own kit or chart from my stash but I do have the worry that she will just run off with the lot :-) ... Not such a good plan I don't think!! I will have to think of something nice for her.  My eldest son has been hinting at a Lion kit I brought home last Summer .... now can I squeeze another piece in :-P

Once I have finished the 2 pieces for the younger boys I will carry on with Fairy Grandmother for me and rotate between the HAED Fireside Fairytales and start HAED Universe In A Jar.  Once I have Fairy Grandmother completed I will work through a few of my WIP's or if I fancy a quick simple stitch I will do my WIP's.  So long as I have the boys pieces finished and my goal for both the HAED stitches complete by the end of the year I will be a happy bunny.  My stitching goals for 2012 blog page

Fairy Grandmother as 12 Jan 12

Looking forward to Craft Club again tomorrow morning!  Probably wont get much stitching done whilst there but we have a laugh and over dose on coffee lol

Hope you have enjoyed reading my post and I will catch up with you all very soon.

Happy Stitching and crafting everyone

Love me xxxxx


  1. Oh wow...check out Charlie Bear :) Can't wait to pull him out again for the weekend :D

  2. I love the pirate one! So cute! And the wing on your fairy is gorgeous! ^_^

  3. Congrats on all your progress. It's nice you are stitching something for all your family members. I'm so glad that you had another post. I read your giveaway and I love those charts! I don't usually enter ones where you have to post to your own blog about them, but I wanted to try to win and when I decided to do it, I couldn't find it in my blog reader!!! I will go back and comment on that post and hope I win! LOL

  4. You have wonderful stitching! It is great that your kids can choose something for you to make for them.

  5. Great new start on Charlie Bear. Lovely progress on the projects for your two boys. Look forward to seeing more of the Fairy grandmother - love the colours.

  6. Gorgeous stitching!! (I was wondering how your fireside fairytales was coming on - that looks magnificent but hard work xx

  7. Wow so many lovely stitching projects sis.. You truly my busy bear:)
    Sending you hugs and my sticky kisses

  8. great progress. I love the colours in this piece

  9. Great progress on your WIPs and what a lovely new start. Now I'm going to see if I can find a picture of the progress on your HAED.