Sunday, 1 July 2012

Photo Time :-)

Here are some photos that I promised to post.

This Photo I totally love!  One of the best school photos I have of 4 of the children.  Just FANTASTIC! :-)

(L-R) Katie, Mark, Conor and Ryan

Katie's Graduation from Nursery
(L-R) Mark, Conor and Ryan enrolled in Summer Scheme
Oh so Proud of you Ryan for getting your Riddle chosen and published in a book!
For Katie's Nursery Teachers.
I didn't have time to make for all the teachers so I had to buy gifts
.... start stitching earlier for next year I think
Finally finished M'Ladys Strawberries!!!
Only took a year on and off lol :-)
And Finally ....

Finally got around to stitching up my Biscobud that I started last summer (ish)
Will post a photo when i'm done. 


  1. Great photos of your children. I can see why you are thrilled with them. Your teaching gifts are gorgeous as is your other stitching.

  2. Your kids are adorable! Great stitchy gifts too.

  3. The kids are just adorable Heather! Just want to eat them up, they're so cute :) Great stitching! And well done Ryan!

  4. Wonderful pics of the kids Heather!
    What lovely teacher's gifts.
    Congrats on the LHS finish.

  5. Great achievements by all there :) Congratulations on finally finishing M'Lady's Strawberries too. I can't wait to see the finished biscobud, I haven't got the guts to give that a go haha.