Sunday, 15 June 2014

Update of the little happenings in my 'corner'

Hello hello hello!!

I hope you are all good, fit and healthy!!  Since I am stitching for exchanges I cannot show you what I have been up to in the needle and thread department in my life lol

BUT last week was fun fun fun!!

Laura and I went to Cara's sports day at nursery and we ha a good laugh!  Cara really enjoyed her sports day and she won lots of stickers for her jumper and she even came second place in a race :)  She really enjoyed the hustle and bustle of it all lol 

James had his last A-Level exam so he is now a Gentleman of Leisure lol  Well I have given him a list of jobs that need doing haha!!  I cannot believe that James has now finished school for good ... we are both getting old lol!!!

The there was Katie's sports day!!  She had a great time but unfortunately it started to rain heavy with one race to go :( 

Wednesday was Cara's 4th Birthday and she had a brilliant day!  When Laura and I collected her from Nursery she has the Nursery teddy bear to look after and to feed cake too lol!!

Doodles and Cara had lots of birthday fun!!  All in all an excellent birthday for our lovely little girlie :)


James, lady Edward, Cara and Doodles

Monday the 16th also brings around the date that my Grandbaby is due :)  So anytime time the little one shall pop out and say Hello!!  We are all ready and waiting lol!!!

So since I have no stitching to show off and a Grandbaby to wait for I thought I would have a giveaway this week ;)  So watch this space and I will put up a goodie giveaway on here either Monday or Tuesday so keep popping back to check!!!  Also to check if baby is here!!!

Have a wonderful and safe week ...

Bye for now
Happy stitching

Love me

PS  All those in my exchange please remember posting date is fast approaching!


  1. What a busy week as usual. It must be great fun, though, having such a large family with a variety of ages. I hope grandbaby arrives soon for you and that mum-to-be has an easy labour (if there is such a thing!) Are you going to be Grandma, Granny or Nanna? And how long after baby is born will it be before you get your needle out to finish the sampler? A couple of hours maybe?!!! Waiting for the happy news.....

  2. Wow - busy, busy week. I'm expecting TWO grand babies this fall and can hardly wait. I've got quilt fabric, needle and thread all ready to go. It's exciting, isn't it??

  3. I popped over hoping to meet the new addition. Ah well, these babies decide themselves when it it time to say hi. I hope if you have the heat Ireland has at the moment, your daughter isnt suffering too much. Lovely post and lovely photos. It is so nice to see such happy children. You must be very proud of them!

  4. Oh my....Ms Cara is 4?? How has the time flown!! Happy Birthday little pixie girl!!
    Do let us know when the grand baba is there :) I'm quite excited!