Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Christmas is coming ... ahhhhh!!

Good Morning all!

I hope everyone is well and preparation is well under way for the Big Day!

At the weekend we went to visit the main man himself!! The children were totally delighted!!

All kiddies together!
Cara and Katie posting their
letters to Santa


Crazy children

Conor, Katie and a penguin! 
We put our Christmas tree up at the weekend too!  I am in the process of putting all my cross stitched ornaments on too!  Here is one that a very good friend of mine stitched for me way back in 2008!!  I must say, its been a very long time since I was in a Round Robin or an Exchange so I think I might sort a few out for 2017!! 

I have done a few bits of sewing but as they are for gifts I cannot show you!!  I have been teaching the children in Year 5, at the wee ones school, to sew!  That was great fun!!

I am now in the process of setting up a sewing club at the school!  I'm really excited! 

Here is me looking very serious lol
I got my Christmas present early off Laura (my eldest) and her Hubby-To-Be Johnny ....

A craft work space in my bedroom!!
This is totally brilliant!!  Now, I can leave my machine (and mess!!) out and use it when I want too rather than keep moving everything so we can use the dining room table!!  WOW!!  I am totally delighted!!

No other news really!  Just busy busy busy getting organised for Christmas!!
Keep safe and well!!


  1. What a lovely family post .
    These are the best days of your life enjoy every moment hugs.

  2. Great pics of you and the kids Heather.