Friday, 20 April 2018

Great satisfaction and Lovely makes

Hello All, 

I finished all the graduation gowns in good time, well with about a day and a half to go!!  The children at the school had a great afternoon.  I must admit I felt a great sense of pride and achievement in my sewing when I saw the gowns on the children!!  

Here is a photo of them all 😀😍

I made myself a lovely notice board.  My cork board was boring looking so I got out the paint, fabric and ribbon ... oh and the hot glue gun!! 

lovely new notice board

Katie made some foam flowers to go into the vase she made at pottery class 😁

Katies vase and flowers
I made a make-up bag yesterday 😁
The flowers are the ones I was given at school on Graduation day

Katie has challenged  me to make a lion cushion!  Fingers crossed for me!!

Take care.



  1. lovely post and great makes.

  2. The children look so happy and proud! Congrats on all you have accomplished, you have been very busy.

  3. Great job on the gowns and I LOVE the foam flowers!

  4. Heather: Katie's flowers are lovely, love the make-up bag very pretty color.
    Your message board look wonderful.