Sunday, 21 October 2018

Sew-a-Softie Tutorial

Martin Monster
Designed by Katie
Sewn by Heather 
@heathermakes_sewing on Instagram

I asked Katie, aged 11, to draw me a simple drew picture so I could create a Halloween softie.  Anything too complicated and it would of been much more difficult to create a pattern from the picture.

Here he is ... Martin Monster! 

I enlarged the drawing to 150%.  If you do not have a photocopier then just draw the picture bigger.  

Materials needed:-
  • Drawing or pattern
  • Felt
  • Cotton
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Toy stuffing
  • Pencil or chalk

How To Make:-

Step One
Cut out all the parts that need to be sewn onto the body.
(I photocopied martin Monster several times so I could cut all parts at once then cut the felt pieces)

Step Two
Draw around the body parts on each chosen coloured felt.
I did the blue body as all one piece as this made it much easier to sew together. 

Step Three

Check you have all the parts needed (please do not notice that I forgot to cut out the tail!!)

Now you can see all the pieces that you need to sew together and then sew onto the body.

Step Four

Start to sew!!  Any stitch that you can do is fine.  There are no set rules here!

I did the hands and feet first, then sewn the eyes one.

I did all three layers of the eyes at the same time because the black thread would not be seen through the green and white once the back went on.

Then sew the white part of the eyes onto the blue body. 

Step Five

Sew on any 'tummy parts'  Again I sewed all three layers at the same time then did a running stitch around the big purple part.  

I then sewn the tale up.  Again I sewed all the parts at the same time.  A quick running stitch around the blue, then sewn the green and pink circles all at once onto the end of the tail.  

Step Six

I placed the mouth where it was to be sewn on, then followed the mouth line by sewing through the paper.  the paper tears off easy at the end.  just be careful not to pull to hard otherwise the stitches will be pulled too.

Sew on his teeth.  

Step Seven

Once you have the front part sewn together, lay out hands and feet and horns where you want them.

Pin into place or clip them on or just remember to stop sewing and place then in position when you get to that part of the body.

Katie decided at the last minute she wanted black lines on the horns!

When sewing up leave a two or three inch gap to put a little stuffing in if you wish.
Once you have stuffed, them carry on sewing u to where to started.

I only stuffed the main part of the body, not the hands, feet or tail.  

Step Eight

Stand back and smile because you have created a beautiful monster!

Martin Monster  

He is now sitting on Katie's bed!  I just about had time to take a photo before he was whisked away!!

I hope you enjoyed my very first tutorial!

If you make a monster please tag me in the photos as I would love to see what you made from a childs drawing!

Anyone of any age can make a softie.  It does not matter if you can hand sew in a straight line or not, I can't!!  I used a running stitch ... if you look closely at the photos, the stitches are running all over the place and not in a neat line at all!!  Give it a go ... you will not regret it.

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Thanks for reading!  Happy sewing!!
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Hugs Heather
xx ✂✂✂ xx


  1. Well done Katie and Heather!! I love Martin. You're stitches look pretty straight to me!

    1. Thank you Trixi. Really enjoyed every minute. Looking forward to more sew a softie groups 😁 Really enjoyed writing the tutorial 😊

  2. Martin is brilliant. He looks like fun to make.