Saturday, 17 November 2012

Hermit Weekend

Hello all

I have just remembered it is Hermit Weekend and since my 5 younger kiddies are staying the night with their father I will have a little stitching session later on this evening.

This afternoon myself, James, Laura and Laura's fiance Johnny are going out for tea with my mum and dad then afterwards coming home as mum wants to watch her TV programmes so we will all do our own thing later on so I will stitch on the Tatty teddy kit mum brought with her for me along with a bag full of kits:-)  I do love Tatty Teddy xxx  The kit is called 'A flower For You'

A picture of the kit I am going to do.

I went to take a photo of all my kits off mum but my memory card wasnt in my camera!!  I have no clue where it is so maybe I need a memory card in my head to remember where my memory card is lol!!

Have a brilliant day all

Dont for get about my kit/chart giveaway

Lots of love 
Me xxxxx


  1. I hope you had a wonderful night stitching while the kids were away!

  2. Very cute. I mentioned your blog on mine

  3. Nice kit, you must have a great mum.x

  4. That kit is adorable. Tatty Teddy is so cute, but I'm not sure about all that back stitching!