Friday, 23 November 2012

Family, Lizzie*Kate new stash and ISHW update

Good Afternoon Bloggers

My family and I have had a fantastic time over the last 10 days that my parents were staying.

It was so lovely to have them here again and we hope to visit them early next year as my kiddies really want to go to their house ... I hope they leave it standing by the time we go home ha ha :-)

Laura and mum had a blast cooking away ... gorgeous meals and puddings and I think I need to go on a diet now as my clothes don't fit now lol!!!

My little ones really enjoyed pinching Grandad's computer and not letting him use it lol!!

Ryan took my dad out to do some bulb planting and they had great fun!!

Dad and Ryan planing bulbs
Ryan, Mark, Dad, Katie, Conor, Laura, Cara and James
When my dad is over it is tradition that he has his photo taken with Katie   This started when she first had her photo taken and then the next time dad was here Katie remembered so another photo was done so why break the habit of a 'life time' and not take one so ....

Dad and Katie
Brilliant photo!!

Katie just loved having rides home from the school bus stop each day ...

Grandad the 'Taxi Driver'

I treated myself to a little new stash ....

ooooo Lovely lovely new shiny toys for me!

Just love Lizzie*Kate designs and I have stitched a few this year and I think there maybe more to be stitched next year too!!  Really am looking forward to having a wonderful stitching session and updating My Posh Thread list.

I enjoyed my little stitch along on the ISHW members.  Thank you so very much for your company :-)

I decided to stitch the Tatty Teddy kit my mum bought for me and brought it over with her when she visited last weekend :-)

Tatty Teddy kit from mum

Pleased with the good progress I made and I'm really pleased with my little self!!

I hope to get a little more done very soon but I plan to do a little Lizzie*Kate Christmas stitching and other Christmas Stitching over the weekend.  Planning to have lots to show you all come Monday!!

Just in case I get through all my stash I can always read one of my new books ....

Well I had better get up and get food organised for the hoards of children charging through my door in about an hour .... by hoards I mean my own children coming home from school lol!!

Happy stitching all
Take care

Love me xxxx

PS dont forget the giveaway


  1. Great new stash. I love L*K too. Looks like a lovely time was had by all. Great progress on Tatty.

    1. Thanks Lesleyanne!! Fancy a L*k Stitch along one day? :-)

  2. aww lovely family pictures..and beautiful new stash..
    happy stitching and enjoy the family time..
    hugs xxx

  3. Great stitching and great stash. sounds like a wonderful visit with family.