Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The time finally came ....

Hello all

Well the weeks finally rolled away and it soon became the time Cara to go to Nursery :-)

First Day at
Oh she just loved it and we couldn't get her to leave lol!!  She just cannot wait to get back there tomorrow!!

So now all are back to school the routine of the house can return to normal and maybe the stitches will now fly off the needle :-)  I hope so anyway!!

Have a great evening all!  I'm off to watch Cheer Perfection on TLC!  I just love this show!!

Bye for now

Love me



  1. Oh wow! They grow so quickly don't they! Glad she liked it! Makes life so much easier if they want to go xx

  2. I'm glad the first day went so well.

    What a cutie she is!

  3. She looks 'dorable! I hope she continues to enjoy school.

  4. Oh sweet little girl! She's so cute!!
    Hahaha she didn't want to leave! :D I'm happy for her :D

  5. So glad she enjoyed her first day. I sure hope your needle flies soon :) xxxx