Thursday, 3 October 2013

A Finish or two and a birthday girl

Hello all

Well over the last week or so I have been busy fighting off a cold and it is starting to go around a few of us now!!  Today Conor was off school today as he isn't too well.  He has had a high temp again today so he will be off school tomorrow too :(

Katie had her 6th Birthday last week and she had  blast!!  She loved all her presents and cards off her lovely family and friends :-)  What a great day she had!!

The grand old age of 6 years old

A few days ago Cara had to take an object into Pre-School for the colour table and this month the colour is Red.  So I gave Cara something red to take in and her Pre-School Teacher seemed quite disappointed that I hadn't stitched the word red in red thread like I did for a few other colours when Katie was there 2 years ago!  I was amazed she had remembered so that night I stitched for a very long time ... well an hour lol ... and produced 

Red for the Colour Table

I have finished my stitch on Jan's Round Robin 

Jan's RR

I am in the process of another RR which has a Halloween theme and I hope to have that finished by the weekend.

I have also complete and posted off my Halloween Exchange but I cannot show a photo just yet!!

The children are away at the weekend so I am getting my HAED out and stitching on that.  I started Fireside Fairy Tales many many years ago and the fabric is quite grubby now and some of the stitching is all lumpy bumpy so I am starting again but I am doing the mini version of the chart.  This way I might actually get somewhere with it lol :)

Tomorrow is Parent-Teacher meeting for Katie.  I know all will be well as Katie is getting on really well in year 2.

I hope to have another finish to show you by Friday and then HAED all weekend long :-)  I cannot wait!!!

Have a fun time

Love me



  1. Aww sweet Katie ❤️❤️❤️
    Pretty stitching like always xx

  2. Love the little stitching you've done for Jan's RR. It is very pretty!

  3. Belated birthday wishes to your daughter!! :) lovely finishes!! I am amazed how you manage everything. You are always so busy.

  4. Hope you'll feel better soon sweetie! Conor too!
    And happy birthday to little Katie!!! :D

  5. Happy belated birthday Katie :)
    Hope you're all on the mend now.....
    Lovely stitching. Love the red theme for school :)
    Hugs x