Saturday, 28 February 2015

Just a quickie!!

Hello all!!

I have been super busy the last week as both Katie and Cara have got/had tonsillitis!!  Cara still seems to be worn out and quite warm but Katie seems to have recovered :)

Cara has twisted my arm to carry on with her mermaid stitching so in between medicine and juice giving I have stitched as much as I can!

I cannot find the photo on the laptop lol!!  Oh dear I seem to have lost my mojo haha!!

I am in the middle of a Uni Course on The Autism Spectrum and I am delighted and totally overwhelmed that I got 100% on my last assignment :)  Oh I need to treat myself to some stitching stash to celebrate :) So pleased with myself  to say the least :D

I hope everyone is OK and keeping out of mischief lol

Have fun and I will get a photo of Cara's mermaid asap!!

Bye for now
Love to you all



  1. Sorry to hear that the little ones aren't 100% yet. Sending hugs there way.


  2. I do hope they recover soon.
    I look forward to seeing your mermaid stitching.


  3. Sorry to hear about your little ones' illnesses. Give them a big hug from me. And congratulations on your results. I'm not surprised you haven't been much stitching much lately having such a busy life! :)

  4. Oh dear. Take care - I hope all are on the mend soon.

  5. Sending you all big BEARY hugs
    And well done my dear for your great no.
    Love you xx