Monday, 15 May 2017

Oh how time flies by ....

Good Evening Everyone :)

Oh wow! Such a while since I have posted an update! I have been very busy ... honest!!!

First of all I finished Katie's quilt. She is totally delighted :)

Front of quilt

Back of qult
Then during Easter Holidays the kiddies wete at their fathers for 6 days so I decided to decorate!!  Yes, decorate ... not sew or stitch!!!

I am amazed at the results!! Stunning!! Such a differnce to our home!

I even put up wallpaper lol

So much brighter & fresher

I love this room! 

Katie painting the bathroom!

Window in dining room

Bathroom window
with the sun on it

This house is over 4 floors! So once I started in the hallway I had to go right the way up!! It was hatd work but well worth it!!

I sort of got the bug for painting and ended up painting my bedroom window!! Then totally reorganised my room!!!

Sewing space

Meet 'Bod' my new
Sewing buddy lol
Bod looking handsome!
Well folks! I must go get myself organised as I have a request for a Joseph's Technicolor coat for the school play!! This should be fun!!

Bye for now
Love me



  1. Wow wow wow
    I love you all
    Awesome work
    Love the Katie's quilt and everything
    I love you my sis
    Big hugs and smiles x

  2. The house looks great Heather.


  3. Amazing job Heather!!! The quilt is so beautiful and I can't wait to see Joseph's Dreamcoat!

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