Sunday, 11 March 2018

Oh wow ... lots and lots of crafty goodness!

Hello to you all!

Once again, time has slipped by! 

I have been busy crafting, making clay pots and organising a cross stitch Round Robin! I haven't done a Round Robin in a very, very long time! My cross stitch seems to have come to a halt ... poor poor crosses!!

This is what I have been up too!!

An Easter Basket

All my eggs in one
Basket!! 😊

Pencil Cases

Katie stole one!!

Another Easter Basket

Pencil case

Pencil case or maybe
A make-up bag

All together!!

Small purses

My pottery class also begain! It was great fun and I now see why the kiddies enjoy their classes so much!!

Thats really all I have been doing the past month!! Busy with schools and home but not much really to report without boring you to sleep! 😆😂

I need to choice a theme for my Round Robin so I need to get my thinking cap on!!

Hope you are all well!

Bye for now



  1. Wow your stitching is fantastic! The Easter baskets are so sweet. The pottery looks like lots of fun.

  2. Heather: What fun your bags and baskets are, beautiful choice of fabrics.
    I would love to try pottery, congratulations on the bowl finish.


  3. Your crafts are so great!!! My stitching is at a halt b/c i have a terrible pain in my right thumb. It doesn't hurt if I never bend the knuckle so I have to be really careful. Can't hold the needle till it's better.