Wednesday, 2 September 2015

And they're off ...


Hello everyone!

Well, back to school for the kiddies, back to routine and homework !!!  

Ryan started High School yesterday and he was a bag of nerves going in but he came out with a big smile on his face so that's a great sign!!  

First day nerves for my big man!!

It was so strange walking just Conor, Mark, Katie and Cara up for the bus!!  I kept looking behind myself to see if Ryan was behind me lol  He was at home waiting for me to get back for a lift!! James checked him over to make sure he had his tie on right and shirt buttoned up haha  I think he is more of the mother hen!!  The next big milestone in our family is James off to Uni on 19th Septemebr!!  

Conor and Mark

Cara, Katie, Mark and Conor


Getting on the bus!!

One problem the kiddies always have is finding their PE kit bags when everyone's look the same so I hunted down bags that would be easily spotted by them and I ordered these from eBay ... I am totally delighted!!  

Kiddies PE kit bags

I think it is time now to get some stitching done :D  I am currently stitching Cara's mermaid and I Hope to be able to get it finished for her soon!

Have a great day!

love me


  1. If your kids are anything like mine, they'll not be looking so neat and tidy when they come home! Those PE bags should save lots of hassles...what a great find.
    Enjoy the peace and quiet for your stitching :)

  2. They all look happy to be off the school Heather.


  3. Your Children look so sweet and happy, I sometimes wish I was in school.
    Congratulations to Ryan on entering High School.