Monday, 31 August 2015

I made ...

B A G S!!

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all well and had a great weekend :)  We have had a lovely weekend, well a lovely few months off the 'norm' of routine ... but I do love routine!  

This is what I made at my beginners sewing machine class!! 

A Lavender Bag

A bag for my Cross Stitch stash

Katie Modelling My Bags

I must say I totally enjoyed my day learning to use a sewing machine :)  I am now saving up for a machine of my own!!  Cara has already started a 'wish list' of goodies she wants made haha!!  She has a lot of trust and faith in my abilities haha!!  

Joan Elliott Stitch A Long with my
Sewing Machine Jar

The last few days have been busy sorting things out for school as the kiddies go back tomorrow :) Ryan  also starts big school tomorrow!!

Uniforms/PE kit/Coats all ready for
There is and will be lots of change going on in this house as James has his date now for Uni, and he moves into his residence on 19th September!!  Life seems to be flying by at the moment!!  

I will post some photos of Ryan in his big school uniform :)... I just hope its not too much of a struggle to get up super earlier tomorrow lol

Have a great week all!

Love me


  1. Ooh love your bags! You inspired me to sign up for a similar class in our local area, four weeks of Thursday mornings spent sewing.
    Hope the kiddies were up on time this morning! Thinking of you all.

  2. What lovely bags and great stitching .
    Best wishes for all the children with the school new term .
    Busy times for moms. Have fun.