Monday, 1 April 2013

Did you all have ....

A Good Easter?

Mine was super quiet with quite a bit of stitching done!

I spent Saturday evening stitching on Fireside Fairytales but it was quite a lot of confetti stitching in Black and Brown!! Cannot wait to get to the colour stitches that's for sure.

Then I spent yesterday watching some TV and a little stitching on Cara's Summer Fairy.  A very relaxing day all round but i'm not use to it so when I got to bed I just was not tired lol!!  I cant win!!

So this morning I have got some carpets cleaned, others hoovered  a nice dinner in the oven and now I am ready to get stitching for the day!  The house smells wonderful though :-)

So now to check food and get some stitches into the Fairy!  I will post a progress photo tomorrow as my camera is in the room I cleaned the carpet and I don't fancy getting soggy socks getting the camera lol!!

Have a nice relaxing Easter Monday all

Love me


  1. Sounds like a restful Easter, ours was the same - just what we needed!

    Enjoying your stitching day xx

  2. Quiet Easter!
    So good!
    Mine as a bit loudy...Lunch and dinner with the whole family...

  3. Lovely quiet Easter, just like mine too! Food & stitching... x

  4. It sounds like you're getting a lot done around the house and with your stitching, too! Great idea to shampoo the carpets when the little kids are away!

  5. I had lots of fun with my little niece =) holidays are always a good excuse to travel and visit our family :)

  6. Sounds like you had a busy spring cleaning day.