Saturday, 20 April 2013

IHSW Hermit weekend and more

Good Afternoon all,

How are you all doing today?  Good I hope!

All wonderful here the last week.  I cannot believe how the weeks are flying by.  Before we know it the school summer holidays will be upon us once again.

I got the school photographs back this week so I feel a trip to the framers coming on lol!

I finished another book Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas by James Patterson last night so I will have to pick another book to start this evening.


This weekend the kids are away which means I can stitch my little heart out plus it is IHSW Hermit weekend too!!  That was handy lol

So I am stitching away on Cara's Summer Fairy :-)  I am doing her wings at the moment.  I was going to do my Fairy Grandmother but I already had everything or the Summer Fairy at hand so it was laziness that decided what I was spending the weekend doing haha!!

I did a little more on a teachers stitched end of school year gift yesterday.  I only spent a short time stitching but I got lots done so I am very pleased with myself!!  

I will post an update photo tomorrow or Monday.  In the mean time I hope you all have a fantastic weekend whatever you are doing

Love me