Sunday, 10 March 2013

Happy Mothers Day

To all you wonderful Mothers out there

Happy Mothers Day to you


For Mothers day off my Magnificent 7 I got 

My Favourite photo of the 5 little ones last Christmas with Santa!
The photo is printed on canvas and is massive!!
Laura organised it as she knows how much I love this photo
and how much I love having my family photos up on the wall

I love it

I also got some chocolates and cards .... yummy yummy rub my tummy!

Ryan, Conor, Mark and Katie could go into school last Friday in Fancy dress. Ryan didn't want to so he went in his own clothes plus he wouldn't let me take a photo of him looking all lovely in his own clothes!!  He is getting old haha!!

The school were celebrating Integration week  with the theme being 'Me, We and Our World' and each class chose a country to celebrate:-

Conor's class were France
Mark's class were China
Katie's class were Spain

So I thought it would be nice to go with the class country theme


They look wonderful!  Katie and Mark have gone dressed up in their costumes to their fathers this weekend!  Katie loves the big fancy dressing up dresses and always wears them at home!!  She is a girlie girl :-)

Have a great day!  I'm going to get some more Summer Fairy done and will post a photo later on!

Love me xxxx


  1. What a wonderful Mother's day gift!

    The costumes look fantastic...I can understand why they would want to wear them more than once.

    Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Hi,
    Good job on the costumes!!!! Happy mother's day!!!!!

  3. happy mothers day dear sis..
    such sweet pictures x

  4. What a lovely gift from your Magnificent 7. It is nice to be appreciated by our family. My 3 sons decided that Mother's Day was a waste of time and I came home from a nice weekend away with my girl friends, to have to make the dinner for everyone and tidy up the mess the boys had made over the weekend. I did get one gift from my DD. You can always count on the girls to show you that they love and value you.