Sunday, 3 March 2013

Are you interested? ... Travelling Pattern

Hi All,

As promised here is the posting for the 'Stitching Forever' Chart being offered as a Travelling pattern.

Chart needing a journey to another stitchers home!!

What this means is:-

You must be serious about stitching this design and then passing the chart on to the next interested stitcher... YOU have to pass the chart on, you cannot keep the chart but you do keep your own stitching.  

You must be prepared to post the chart anywhere in the world.  If you are not prepared to post on then please do not show your interest.

You must be able to stitch this chart within a reasonable period of time... say no longer than 2 weeks.
There is no point asking to be nominated to have the chart posted to you if you have no time to stitch it up.

You will need a blog to be able to show off your finished stitching and then do a post (similar to this one) to offer the chart on.  

I would like each stitcher who receives the chart to let me know where it is just so I can keep track of the chart.  i have paid for this chart so I would like it to go on its travels around the world for as long and as far as possible.  

If you are interested in stitching this pattern and have a blog please leave a comment on this post.

If you are NOT interested then please do not comment.  

I am new to this so please let me know if I have missed anything off.  I want us all to enjoy this chart.
If people who are interested prefer I do a list as to who gets the chart then I will.  I don't mind.
Or we can see how far the chart travels!!

I'm excited I can say that much!!

Please leave a comment if you are interest and a person will be chosen at random on Friday 8th March and I will post the chart asap :-)


  1. Oh Heather I love these travelling patterns and have done several. I think since I'm the first to post I should get it first lol. Please toss my name in here.

  2. I am also interested in this traveling pattern. Please add me to your list!! Thanks

  3. Please put my name in the draw, I really like the idea of a travelling pattern!

  4. I'd love to stitch it too!AriadnefromGreece!

  5. Hi Heather,

    Am also new to this "Travelling Pattern" idea.
    It would be nice to join in. :)

    Fara from Malaysia

  6. I would love to stitch your travelling pattern and happy with all your conditions.
    Would be great to take part and see how far your pattern goes.

  7. No fair Kathy , stop cheating ,lol ;-D.
    I'd love to be entered please . I have done one travelling pattern and was meant to be part of another one which sadly went astray. Thanks X

  8. aww it is so cute..please count me in too..
    thanks xxx

  9. Me, me, me, Mii!!! Please count me in :D Mii xx

  10. Ohh count me in, loved the last one I took part in. Lizzie*Kate designs are fab x

  11. Throw my name in the mix, please! I have never done a traveling pattern OR a Lizzie Kate before! :)

    Less B*tching, More Stitching!

  12. Sign me up!


  13. Oh yes please! I really enjoyed the last one I did :) I think I mentioned it before, but in the one I received there was a sheet of paper and each stitcher added their name, location and blog so everyone could see where it had been before them :D

  14. Oh, this sounds like fun! I'd like to play.

    Mickey in the USA

  15. Please, sign me up!!
    This will be fun :D

  16. I'd love to stitch this chart. Please enter me.

  17. I'm kicking myself that I fell behind with my blog reading. Will have to track you chart down so that I can stitch it sometime.