Monday, 25 March 2013

A Weekend Finish

Good Monday Morning bloggers

I hope you all had a great weekend.  My 5 younger kiddies were with their father so I promised Conor I would stitch his Karate Dog or his Yellow belt which he gain last September !  

Wow I didn't realise it was months ago that he gained his yellow grading .... where have the months gone!  As the saying goes 'Time flies when your having fun' lol

So here is the fruits of my weekend ....

Karate Dog
Designed by Margaret Sherry
Stitched by me
For Conor's yellow belt grading
in Karate

I am delighted with myself that I managed to get this piece done over the weekend.  I am thinking of getting it framed with his certificate :-)  I think that will look really good so I will get his red karate Dog framed the same way too.  It will soon be time or his Orange grading so I think I will make a start on that Karate dog sooner rather than later!!

Next 'job' is to get another teacher stitching done this week.  

On Saturday the 5 little kiddies are with their father again until Wednesday evening so I plan to get as much done on Cara's Summer Fairy as I can whilst I'll have nearly 5 days to get stitching done.  Then they hare home Wednesday evening, Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning then back with their father on the Saturday afternoon until Sunday Evening ... Whilst the kiddies are away mummy shall play lol!! 

I just hope they don't come home as hungry as they did yesterday .... they raided my cupboards and fridge within minutes of being home lol!  They were like little whirl-winds coming through the door!!  

Have a great day all

Bye for now

Love me


  1. The karate dog is so sweet!!! A song is popping into my mind ♪ Kung Fu Fighting! ♫ Do you remember? Have a lovely week x

    1. lol Now you have the song in my head :-)

  2. Like the little karate dog. How sweet to do one for each belt color that he earns.

    You're so blessed to have all your little ones.

    LindaLee at
    CrossN' My Stitches

  3. What a great design for your son! It will look great in a frame with his certificate. Pretty soon he'll have karate dogs all along his bedroom wall from end to end!

  4. Such a cute finish! A whole wall of them would look wonderful!

  5. It's so cute, Heather. My son was the youngest with three sisters. I thought he'd think stitching would be too girly but he asked me from time to time to stitch something for him. Just fill that wall up :)

  6. ohhh well done on getting it finished and think it will look fab with the certificate .... and love how you will have some stitching time ... make the most of it while you can house work can wait heheheheh:) love mouse xxxx
    ps don't he feed them or have they got hollow legs as my gran would say ...

  7. What a cute Karate Dog and congrats to your son for is accomplishment!

  8. Such a fun piece! And cute :D

  9. Oh so cute. Love your finish for Conor :)

  10. What a lovely way to mark your DS achievements.