Friday, 29 March 2013

A Gift Finish and Exchange goodies

Hello all,

Yes its the very early hours of the morning here ... crazy me for still being up but I was just about to go to bed when I realised I had better update my blog because I wont have a chance until the night time hen the kids have finished using the computers.  In the evenings even I they are not on the computer I prefer to stitch lol

So whilst I have the 'big boy' on my knee (lol) I shall show off my latest finish which is a teacher gift from one of my children.  I cant say who as that will give the game away as I know some of the teachers do have a look on my blog!!!

So here is the gift stitching ...

With love from Tatty Teddy

In the center of the heart I have put the teachers name and the child's name.  I will say I just love it.

I hate the backstitching on Tatty teddy so I just made my own up as I went along lol!

Also, as promised a week or so ago here is a photo of what I received in the Margaret Sherry SAL Spring Exchange

The beautiful Exchange parcel I received

Well folks, that's me, off to bed as I have a busy day tomorrow and with luck lots of stitching too!!!

Bye for now
Love me


  1. Lovely tatty teddy finish - the mystery teacher will love it :)
    Lovely exchange package from Nia :). Well done!
    Happy Easter :)

  2. Love your sweet little teddy stitching! I'm sure the teacher will love it! Happy Easter x

  3. Such a lovely idea for a teacher's gift :) adding the names is just the perfect detail! Great work :)
    I'm happy to know you liked my parcel =) do you like to make cookies? I thought that with kids a cookie cutter is always a good thing ;) hehehe I don't have kids at home but I bought one cookie cutter too :p lol
    Happy Easter sweetie! Hugs!!

  4. I love Tatty Teddy! That's such a good idea as a gift, too. (Also, I have to agree completely about the backstitching on them - I've just got the backstitching to go on one myself and I've been putting it off for so long!)
    Pretty cool to see another stitching Heather, too! Happy Easter! :)

  5. Nice finish and I'm sure the teacher will love it.