Saturday, 9 March 2013

Oh no ...

Hello All,

I'm home alone ... with just my stitching to do!!  :-)

Oh my goodness I'm just going to be sooooo bored lol!!

Anyone else stitching today?

What are you stitching?

I'm going to crack on with Cara's Summer Fairy.  I need to order threads for Conors Karate Dog as i need to do him with a Yellow belt before he goes in for his next grading!

I was subbing the anchor threads for DMC but I cant remember what shades I used last time so I'll just order the correct Anchor threads and keep them just for the karate Dog!

I will post a photo of the Summer Fairy progress tomorrow :-)

Have a great day all



  1. Lucky girl. I stitched all day yesterday. Not as much today as had errands. I am stitching on QS Literate Dragon HAED BB SAL 2013.

  2. Hope you enjoyed your stitching weekend and put in lots of stitches.