Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Oh Wow!!

Hello Bloggers!

I just could not wait to show off this photo!!

It is a little fuzzy as its taken from the proof photo.  

I cannot wait to get the BIG photo that I have ordered so I can add it to my ever growing framed photos on the walls of the kiddies!!

Front Katie
Left (redhead) Conor
Back Ryan
Right Mark

Conor was star of the week last week at school and he brought home the Star Of The Week Cup

Conor 'Star of the Week'
So proud of you Conor

I received the threads I need to do Conor's Karate Dog so I must make a start on that before he goes in for his next grading ... I know ... I know ... I've said that a million time now already lol!!  If I don't start it asap I owe Conor a weeks supply of Chocolate lol!!!

With the weather we are having I might just be starting in for a while!!  Too cold for me outside lol 

Happy blogging , I'm off to bed now ... hope its been warmed up by now ;-)

Lots of stitching to do tomorrow as all jobs and things have already been one for the week .... P L A Y time lol!!

Bye for now

Love me


  1. Lovely picture of your children!

  2. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ia m so happy for you all x

  3. They look so sweet the 4 of them!! Great picture ☺
    Wow, this star of the week trophy is huge!!! My son's star of the week is just a certificate... This is definitely more motivating :D Have a lovely day xx

  4. Oohhhh such a pretty family! :D wonderful photo! Congrats on your beautiful kids! :D
    And congrats to Conor!!! Well done :D

  5. Hello

    Just found your blog.

    Your Summer Fairy is just gorgeous!
    That's a lovely photo and well done to Connor!

  6. Ah, such a great photo!
    You must be a proud mum;-)

  7. Lovely photo of your beautiful children. It really is the weather for sitting in and stitching.