Saturday, 23 February 2013

Hows the stitching going?

Hello all,

How is everyone doing?  Lots of stitching happening I hope :-)

Nothing like a good ol' stitch on a cold dark evening!  It is trying to snow here :-O

The kids went to their fathers a few hours ago and I plonked my bum on the sofa and stitched away on my Easter Exchange for Margaret Sherry Blog.  Nearly done.  Just to make into something and I'm ready to post it off asap!!

I've made a coffee and now I'm about to have a good stitch on my Travelling pattern until bedtime.  In the morning I will do some on Cara's Summer Fairy ...well that's the plan anyway lol

Have a wonderful evening

lots of love



  1. Enjoy your stitchy time! It has snowed/rain/sun shine today...take your pick, LOL I've been getting in a couple of hours stitching during the day stitching at night for me...

  2. Hope you have fun with stitching time. I have been doing some this weekend, as it's pretty chilly outside. Now it's evening and off to sleep soon. Tomorrow some for sure!

  3. It was a fun weekend to stitch, I did so much :)
    Hope you had a dun time too!!! :D
    have a great week

  4. Sounds like you had a busy weekend planned.