Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Weekend SAL anyone plus travelling pattern

Good Evening all!

Hope you are all well!  Its the last day of mid-term tomorrow and I spent today very unwell!!
Think the kids have given me their germs as a thank you for looking after them lol

Laura, James, Ryan and Conor are out at Youth Club at the moment so I pinched the laptop hahaha!

The little kiddies are with their father this weekend so...

does anyone fancy having a stitch along with me over the weekend?

I will be doing

1) Finishing off MS Easter Exchange Piece if I haven't already manged to do it by Saturday
2) Start on my Travelling pattern
3) Summer Fairy

I will start off my Travelling pattern in the next week or so .... really exciting!
Will post when I'm finished and we will see who gets it next :-)

I finished my Pooh Bear Bookmark so will post a photo asap :-)

Have a great evening

Love me xxxxx


  1. You know me...I'm always up for a weekend SAL. Especially after the disaster that this last IHSW weekend turned out to be, lol. Count me in! :)

  2. Have a wonderful weekend! I'll be stitching all day on Saturday, don't know about Sunday yet!

  3. Sounds like you have a wonderfully busy weekend ahead of you Heather! I'll be plodding along slowly - I'm working on A Stitcher's Prayer at the moment so hoping ot get it done this weekend! Your travelling pattern is brilliant!

  4. My weekend will be starting Thursday lunchtime!! (I've booked a bit of time off) so I'm hoping to stitch a lot & finish Love Heart :D

  5. Would love to SAL with you this weekend, but I am away from Friday till late Sunday. Hope you are feeling better and enjoy your stitching weekend.

  6. My exchange is ready... to send to you! :D hehehe
    Since we are not very far away, I'll wait a few more days to post, so you'll receive it in early March ;) I think it won't take more than 4-5 days to arrive there!
    Hope you'll like everything!! :D