Friday, 8 February 2013

SAL anyone? plus stitching/reading up date

Good Afternoon all,


I have a free weekend again this weekend so does anyone fancy joining me in a SAL from tonight until Sunday evening?

I'm in lol!!

I will be stitching Joan Elliott's Summer Fairy which will be for Cara when finished.

Summer Fairy all ready to go

(just want to hem up the edges of the fabric)

Here is my progress of my SAL with the Margaret Sherry Lovers Blog

MS Lovers Blog SAL

My progress as at 8 February 2013

This is not a very big start but I'll blame the children for being sick lol!!

The next update will be better and more colourful!!

I didn't manage to get to Book Club this month so I must sort out the new book but here is a lovely pile of book, some I have read and others I am really looking to getting around to reading

Books, Books and more lovely books

Most of the last 2 weeks I have done stitching for exchanges but I cant show you photos of them yet so here is a lovely picture of something lovely ... by the way NOT up for exchange lol!!

Katie using my laptop

Well I had better run and pic up the children.

Hope to 'see' you for a SAL over the weekend :-)

Be good!!

Love me


  1. Nice choice for this weekend SAL :)
    I'll be busy with house chores, rugby training/match (Not me, my little one :P) & pancake making this weekend but I'll definitely find some spare moments to stitch :D I'll read your update on Sunday. Happy Stitching weekend :)

  2. Love the fabric for your fairy. I'll be stitching on my snowman this weekend...Happy Stitching!

  3. I'm in again!! Since I didn't get much stitching done this past week, and I have a young'n sick with the flu, I may find myself at home on the couch all weekend. What better time to cross some stitches! :)

  4. I'm in. Blizzard here this weekend so won't be going anywhere. I am stitching on Play Ball by Randal Spangler HAED and QS Literate Dragon.

  5. Beautiful photo of your daughter. Nice choice for your stitching this weekend:)

  6. Great start!!! Have you read Casual Vacancy yet? I have it on my TBR shelf but have not read it yet. Have fun with your SAL. I will be stitching this weekend too! (and reading!)

  7. Pretty fabric for your Fairy. Katie is a real cutie.

  8. Katie is so cute =))))))
    You've started our SAL! Well done sweetie :D

  9. Can I just say that I love your blog layout and have shamelessly gacked some of your ideas for my own blog (such as your "blogs I follow" and your "tag list".

    Thank you for the inspiration!!!!!

    Ps, your fabric for your dragon is beAutiful!