Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Fireside Fairytales HAED

Hope all is well with you all,

We seem to have coughs and colds going around the little and big people.  A few of us had a bad night sleep last night so I'm shattered!!

I spent time at the weekend doing my HAED!  Oh this has been a WIP for a very long time, too long :-(

I had done a bit of it wrong so fixed that part and then stitched a little bit more.  Now I seem back on track with it I hope to get lots more done. Its about time I'd say lol

Fireside Fairytales HAED
as at 19th May 2013

I'll be glad when I get onto the detail and away from all the dark colours.  I seem to be battling with the browns and blacks at the moment. 

I also finished my Lizzie*Kate design that I am sending around as a Travelling pattern ... see the post above :-)

I must get on with my entries for the Omagh Show in July :-)

Have a great day all



  1. It's a long work! Keep it up :)

  2. HAED are taking forever! Just one x at a time & eventually you'll get there, I'm sure!! Hope everyone get better soon x

  3. I started a HAED this year and haven't stitched on it as much as I would have liked. They are so beautiful when completed that they are worth the effort.